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    Everest Base Camp (Luxury Escapes)

    Came across this LE that's mighty tempting: Bucket-List 12-Day Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Ride I've done some light research and from the looks of it, the asking price appears reasonable compared to what other travel blogs say to budget for EBC (usually 1.5k USD+ ex. flights). Given...
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    Plat Charge Priority Pass

    Apologies in advance if answered elsewhere (doesn't seem to be in this forum). Given a PC + 1 supp can both get PP membership, does that mean in situations such as dining at Movida Syd Airport, you can technically redeem 4x $36 off the bill if you travel with your supp? It would be a case of...
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    2000pt Anniversary Reward

    Logged into my VFF account and saw this: It's not much, but I couldn't find references to an 'anniversary reward' anywhere online. I mean yeah, it's pretty self-explanatory but I'm still somewhat curious. Anyone else on how this bonus is calculated?
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    Qantas Sydney International Business Lounge Refresh

    After so many years, it's finally coming... what is likely another two years :') To paraphrase a line from Elon Musk (to the point of a meme): "2019 maybe, 2020 definitely" AusBT article: Qantas promises all-new Sydney international business class lounge [Just realised this thread might...