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    The Velocity Status Run Master thread

    Hi All.. First time in a few years struggling to hang onto Gold! Lost Plats last year.. I need 180SC before 8th June.. Looking for a status run that I can enjoy some Sun.. mebbe.. Fly out of Mel or Syd.. hmtown ABX. any help appreciated.. was thinking a Bus or Premeco Airnz Mel-Auk min 180...
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    PE taste test to go today?

    OOmpa Do it the night before.. I did that no issue..
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    Air NZ Status Credits .. When?

    Hi Anyone have any detail on when the Air NZ status credits get credited? I flew 3 weeks ago. BTW Air NZ is absolutely fantastic, The lounges are really well set up and the in flight was grand. The CSM even came up to me and handed me a better headset and an express inbound Aus (Was flying...
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    The Fog of War.. ABX Style..

    Wanted to share with the group a little about the Albury fog situation.. Every Winter we have Fog and we live with it! Most people in the know book flights in the afternoon in and out to avoid the situation. A little about my weekend, I retuned from Singapore flying SA in the 380 (Was Grand)...
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    Virgin Status Credit Incorrect Calculations/Issues

    Hi All Virgin maintain that the Status Credits are correct.. I still think they cannot be.. yfrog Photo : Shared by pogmohoin URL to view actual entries So what do I do.. book ABX-SYD then book SYD-BNE separately to get the correct credits? Bloody Annoying :evil: Pog...
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    Attention Status Credit Run Experts! Velocity Points SC Run

    Delta are bloody horrible with baggage.. I paid cash at the check in every time for heavy bag. I actually had to bring up the Delta site on my iPad at one point to show this yank that VAustralia are actually a partner as they refused lounge entry!..
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    PE Taster Upgrade

    Woah back!!.. Am I missing something here?? A Taster Upgrade?? Where have I been! How to do! Want! Can this happen on the Etihad Bris-Sing leg! :lol: found it.. mm must have overlooked this ..
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    Virgin Status Credit Incorrect Calculations/Issues

    Thanks flights are ABX-SYD-MEL and BNE-SYD-ABX All ABX flights route via Sydney
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    Virgin Status Credit Incorrect Calculations/Issues

    Description Brisbane-Albury SC 10 VP 1,680 Melbourne-Brisbane SC 15 VP 743 Albury-Melbourne SC 10 VP 1,418 All Discount.. Anyone see issues with SC earning here? Obviously ABX-MEL is an issue but BNE-ABX? I thought it should be Zone 2. Looking...
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    Velocity changes: Changes to status credits

    Hi Interesting that I flew Abx-Syd-Mel this week and looked at the statement tonight with 10SC?? this has to be an error right?? Should be 20SC. I spoke to Velo in KL and explained my plight, was told that it was because it was the same ticket.. Confused.. BTW would have REXed it but...
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    V Australia Seating.. Intl Upgrades for Gold's

    Flying Syd-LAX I was first handed a Emerg seat.. I then went to the club (Malaysian) then as I went through the ticket checker to board my Ticket was upgraded to Prem Eco.. What can I say .. It was great :) This service was everything QF J is except the lay back seat!. On the way back I...
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    V Australia Seating.. Intl Upgrades for Gold's

    Update.. Ok I spoke with the V guest centre in Brissy.. (Flying out Friday 10th Sep) They seem like they are really under the pump.. I actually dialled the number on my Gold card and went to Velocity in Manilla and they told me to ring the 131??? number and make sure I press "Business Seats"...
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    V Australia Seating.. Intl Upgrades for Gold's

    Thanks for the reply I am Velocity Gold .. I will let you know how I go .. Also do you have the site details to find out about aircraft loads? Does V Australia make this detail public through Amadeus??? Cheers Pog
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    V Australia Seating.. Intl Upgrades for Gold's

    Hi Going on a Syd>LAX>IAD>LAX>Syd with V Australia (IAD>Delta) . I am interested to understand how V Australia look after Golds? In Qantas in Eco with Gold/Plat I was at least in a Exit/Greeted by CSM?? and scored the odd Upgrade (Very Bloody rare with No Points) . Anyway keen to get...
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    QF30 Emergency Landing in MNL after door "Popped"

    OK. I see bags.... Bags are usually inside rolling cargo containers. how did they get out, I note that some of those containers are pretty flimsy with a vinyl side curtain but also have seen them in bomb tests designed to contain an explosion. anyway good thing it was'nt on the usa run as at...
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    Is Qantas worth $1000 extra?

    whoops forgive the above wrong quote.. this is what I was after Dave! QF Status = ? UA thanks pog
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    Is Qantas worth $1000 extra?

    I tried this on with UA a couple of months ago and they had no idea what I was talking about. is anything online? thanks Pog
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    Passenger refused carriage

    BUGGER :shock: I am on that flight every week and missed the action!!!! Pog Out!
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    Oh my God, the planes crashing!

    I am a Frequent Dash 8 flyer! The Qantas Club Dragons are constantly opening row 1 for me so I can get my leg stretching seat 1D, ofcourse that is if the plane is not full. If it is full be prepared to stare and some poor cough sitting opposite you for an hour! Anyway I don't mind the...
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    Qantas Club Price Rise

    So GOLD get Business tags in Y Domestic?