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  1. PineappleSkip

    Queensland Rail virtual train tours

    Queensland rail has released virtual tours of its trains. Have a look at the Spirit of Queensland which features the "railbed" lie flat seat modelled on airline flat beds. Of course the quality option is still the first class...
  2. PineappleSkip

    Choice (ACA) survey and petition on travel cancellations

    Australian Consumers Association (Choice) have released the results of their survey into travel cancellation experiences. Travel cancellations leave thousands out-of-pocket and out of patience The full report is here (1.2mb PDF). there is a "sign the petition" link but it's not entirely clear...
  3. PineappleSkip

    Scenic tour ofcentral Queensland

    Quick mini report of visits to MKY and ROK. It's been a long time since I visited these places by air. Probably because I like the drive up the Bruce Hwy and its inland alternatives.
  4. PineappleSkip

    ROK Lounge?

    In ROK, asked the security staff about an opening date for the QF lounge here and they had no idea. There is a place upstairs and it is currently empty, with no sign of a fitout. The terminal works look pretty well finished. There is a econd lounge which ROK has offered to VA and VA are...
  5. PineappleSkip

    COVID-19 and East Africa reprise

    11 months, almost to the day, after my last journey into COVID chaos, I'm off to work again, so let's compare and contrast with last time. Booking. It took a long time to get there, but things are much more organised than the crazy first day of compulsory quarantine. Home Affairs has guidelines...
  6. PineappleSkip

    IGA Rewards new program and Discover365

    Anyone had any dealings with "Discover365" or their "discovery dollars"? Found a checkout promo in my local IGA today. This would be the third IGA scheme I've seen in the last few years, never a promising sign. For the last expired scheme one you have to use rewards by the end of this month or...
  7. PineappleSkip

    50 points for using QF credit card companion

    Got an email offering token points for using Qantas Credit Card Companion I presume this app will suck data somehow, but anyone used it and do you think it’s worthwhile? I wouldn’t bother with the 50 points if there wasn’t value in it. cheers skip
  8. PineappleSkip

    Financial incentives to kick-start travel

    Been a bit of (mainly travel) media coverage of Sicily’s plan to offer incentives to travel there again once restrictions are eased. The claim is that the Sicilian Government has a €50 million war chest, and the plan is to pay half the airfare and one night in three for travellers. Here’s one of...
  9. PineappleSkip

    BNE Marketplace - Duty free liquidation?

    Got a couple of identical emails from BNE today, Usually they send me parking discounts, but no more. This looks like duty free stock that may become obsolete, or just a new way to push formerly duty free merchandise perhaps. cheers skip
  10. PineappleSkip

    CoVID-19, HKG and East Africa

    Just a placeholder right now. Kickoff in a couple of days. Never done a TR. Never even found where they lurk. But a transit through HK might be of interest...en route to the land of (DO NOT TRAVEL) milk and honey. Some context for this report in this Captain Joe Vlog about coronavirus and the...
  11. PineappleSkip

    "Le Club Accor" to becom "Accor Live Limitless" or "ALL"

    Just received an email from Accor with a link to this website ALL - Accor Live Limitless So they claim Le Club is going to metamorphose into this new catchphrase. As usual, promises of wonderful new "benefits". Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find some pretty vague and general promises...
  12. PineappleSkip

    Most trashed loyalty program

    Reminiscing as I shredded my old escape club Mk 2 card. Can anyone come up with a more trashed brand? I think I would nominate Country Comfort-Constellation-Silverneedle-Next as surely the first prize getters for trashing their loyalty program (and customers' and hotels' loyalty alike) I...
  13. PineappleSkip

    SAS plus on an EK Y fare

    Hi there. Just been looking at flights for a friend travelling BNE-BGO in Y. EK looking like a good option with fares via DXB then CPH or OSL, with the last sector to BGO on an SAS flight. I’m shouting DXB lounge access on the way through, but I’m just wondering how I book the last sector into...
  14. PineappleSkip

    Emirates announces premium economy from 2020

    Just received this one Emirates airline to launch premium economy in 2020, says Clark Emirates' Tim Clark comment "The aeroplanes that we ordered, the latest A380s - the first six of which come in 2020 – we will be installing premium economy in those, and it will be an Emirates premium economy...
  15. PineappleSkip

    Oneworld bookings disappeared from QF member profile

    Just looked on my bookings list on the QF website and and an upcoming booking with CX flights (no flights sold as QF) has disappeared. Instead there is a message "For oneworld® alliance airline bookings that don't include a Qantas marketed flight number, check with the partner airline for your...
  16. PineappleSkip

    Club Carlson now Radisson Rewards

    Received an email today about the rebranding of the Radisson Hotels reward program Introducing Radisson Rewards Seems that not a huge amount has changed. Base points per USD still the same. The bonus points earned for higher status members have reduced somewhat. Easier to obtain higher status...
  17. PineappleSkip

    Emirates musings about Y+ and Y-

    Interesting article with thoughts from Emirates CEO Tim Clark Emirates Considers Adding Budget Economy Section to Lure Frugal Flyers Not sure how much, if any, is new news -- it looks like musings designed to elicit market feedback -- but you get the impression that EK have realised that...
  18. PineappleSkip

    Qantas cash. Never again.

    Hi all Well, I loaded some money into my Qantas cash account to take advantage of the recent 'load and get points' promotion at around the same time they reduced the poverty of their FX rates. Misery followed as the rotten Qc card told vendors' POS machines the PIN I used was the wrong one. It...
  19. PineappleSkip

    QF QF Booking reference

    If you make a QF booking right now, Amadeus might give you a QFxx_x booking reference, like I just got. It was QFIxx_ but unfortunately just a domestic booking. QFI for an international booking would have been 36 times more flukey :) Cheers skip
  20. PineappleSkip

    Points for electricity?

    Hi Just wondering if you knew of good deals for switching electricity providers that include points. I am churning through the 100 or so deals that are apparently available to me. I found one offer of 1 flybuys point per dollar and 10,000 for signing up. Unfortunately it's AGL's offer and I'm...