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  1. spiggy_topes

    Bringing a dog into the terminal?

    My daughter is meeting me at BNE international arrivals next week, and wants to bring her dog. Is there any rule saying dogs can't be brought into the terminal? It'll be on a leash, well behaved etc. Thanks for any guidance - Spiggy.
  2. spiggy_topes

    RTW in J for early-mid May

    I have a short notice RTW coming up, Brisbane-LAX-Boston-London-HK-Brisbane, leaving around 7th May, returning about 15 days later. For various reasons including flexibility it makes sense to do this in J. The One-World site costs this trip at about $12.5k. Since it's coming out of my company's...
  3. spiggy_topes

    Any cheap J deals to Europe in January?

    Have to travel to London/Paris/Brussels for a week in the first half of January. Wondering if there are any reasonable deals out there? I'm looking for J but would consider Y to Asia, J onwards. Best fare I've found is Royal Brunei for about $6k return but they have a 16 hour stopover in Brunei...
  4. spiggy_topes

    Brisbane: short stay vs long stay carpark?

    Brisbane has recently put up signs saying that you should use the long stay carpark if you're going to be there more than four hours. Last week I took a day trip to Sydney to see a client and left the car for about 6 hours. I would far rather leave the car in the short stay carpark as it tends...
  5. spiggy_topes

    Cabin crew: An insider tells all

    Cabin crew: An insider tells all Vomiting babies and frisky businessmen are all in a day's work, but what is life above the clouds – and on the ground – really like? Entertaining read
  6. spiggy_topes

    HK to Vientiane

    An old friend has invited me to spend the weekend in Vientiane (Laos) after a business trip to HK in July. He has suggested CX to BKK and TG to Vientiane, but there are a couple of other carriers such as Vietnam Airlines via Hanoi who also go there. Any suggestions, warnings, anecdotes...
  7. spiggy_topes

    Re-entry to the US / unclaimed visa waiver form

    I last visited the US about a year ago. After leaving LAX I found that nobody had claimed the green visa waiver form, which is still in my passport. Is this likely to cause problems next time I enter the country? Or are their computer systems clever enough to cross-match departing passenger...
  8. spiggy_topes

    "Asking for orange juice on AA may violate federal law" I've had bad experiences in F on AA before (begin treated with extreme rudeness after politely asking if the volume of the PA system could be turned down) but this really seems over the top. Blimey.
  9. spiggy_topes

    Shaving foam - new rules?

    SYD-MEL this morning, wanted to get straight into a taxi when I arrived so took my wheely bag through security as hand baggage. The security lady at SYD very politely confiscated my can of shaving foam as it didn't have a top on it. Is this new policy? I'm puzzled - what possible security...
  10. spiggy_topes

    WP on Air NZ

    Travelling BNE-AKL WLG-BNE in Y Monday and Tuesday next week on Air NZ. I'm WP on Qantas but have no Air NZ status at all. Can I use the QP even though am not travelling on QF flights? Sorry if this is a well-known point - couldn't find any reference to it on the QF website. Many thanks...
  11. spiggy_topes

    Confessions of a cabin crew

    Confessions of a cabin crew -Times Online Worth a read. I'm guessing it's Virgin, since the article refers to an on-board bar...
  12. spiggy_topes

    Drinking on a dry airline

    I'm flying BNE-LHR next week on Royal Brunei in J. On the upside, there are (apparently) gold lavatories. On the down-side, it's a dry airline. Apparently they don't mind if you bring your own on board, and I enjoy a bourbon or two before turning in. Can anyone advise on the logistics of taking...
  13. spiggy_topes

    WP check-in at Heathrow T5

    Hi all I'll be turning up at Heathrow T5 in a couple of weeks, coming straight off a Royal Brunei flight from Brisbane, transferring to a BA flight to Glasgow. Is there a dedicated (read: short) check-in queue for WP/Emerald FFs in T5? I remember there used to be something similar in T1 before...
  14. spiggy_topes

    Early-morning chaos in Sydney

    [Text of letter to Qantas Customer Care sent this morning. Does this experience match with other experiences in Sydney?] 11th July 2009 Dear Sirs, I am a frequent flyer on Qantas with around four round-the-world trips a year, always in Business or First, a similar number of return...
  15. spiggy_topes

    Barbados to Brisbane

    Trip report: Barbados (BGI)-Brisbane (BNE), 9th-11th April 2009 An absolute killer flight, this: 36 hours, over 4 flights. Fortunately all in Business or First, also I’d finished up earlier than planned so was going back home to spend at least part of Easter with the family. No photos as I...
  16. spiggy_topes

    Very basic duty-free question

    I'm travelling LAX-SYD-BNE on Thursday and am trying to understand the rules on duty-free. If I buy my 2.25 litres of booze on arrival at Sydney, will I be able to take it on the connecting flight to Brisbane? Qantas's website implies that anything I buy at Sydney has to be placed in my...
  17. spiggy_topes

    Oneworld RTW planner

    Has anyone been able to use the OW RTW trip planner (oneworld planner)? My attempts to price a simple RTW trip in J (BNE-LHR-MIA-LAX-BNE) continually bring up the error message 'You have missed out some flight data. Ensure you have chosen all flights or selected "surface segment" where you want...
  18. spiggy_topes

    QF seats in Y

    Has anyone noticed a tendency for seats in Y to recline by themselves? Flew BNE-SIN yesterday in the back of the bus and found the seat kept creeping backwards until it was at full tilt after 30 minutes or so. Must have been annoying for the passenger behind me.
  19. spiggy_topes

    Paid lounge access in Dubai

    I have a couple of transits through Dubai coming up in the next few weeks, one with a 5-hour layover. As the flights are on non-OW carriers in Y I have no lounge access. Are there any decent paid-entry lounges in Dubai (shower, internet, somewhere quiet to sit and read, etc)? Many thanks.
  20. spiggy_topes

    Are travel agents worth the bother?

    I recently had to book a moderately complex itinerary for a forthcoming visit to the Middle East (on business, with a side-trip to see a friend in Oman) and on to Europe (privately). Most of the trip is in business class, as the client is paying, but the private flights are in Y. I went...