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  1. ste667

    2008 vintage

    Next year is our ten year anniversary and I feel a bit more inclined to take a risk with an auction purchase or two for the celebrations. Does anyone have a particular favourite from that year? Red, white or bubbles considered :)
  2. ste667

    Cellar One Referral

    Cellar One (formerly The Den) referrals available I have 20 invites to Cellar One which does discounted pricing for wineries such as Houghton, Hardy’s, Petaluma, Grant Burge, House of Arras, St Hallett, Stonier, Leasingham and Knappstein. You get $20 off your first order (no minimum spend)...
  3. ste667

    Anniversary Wines

    Mrs667 is 40 next year and seeing a 1978 Cyril Henschke on Lantons got me to wondering if there was any point trying to get hold of a special wine for the occasion. So, a few questions for my fellow AFFers: - Does anyone have any first hand experience of good wines from that vintage? - If I...
  4. ste667

    Yarra Valley Recommendations?

    We've got a 3 night break in Melbourne in March (first trip ever without the kids!), and I was after some winery recommendations. It will probably be an organised tour, so if anybody has any experience with any of the operators, recommendations there would also be appreciated. I realise I...
  5. ste667

    The Zinfandel thread

    I tried my first Zinfandel at the Cape Mentelle cellar door yesterday and really enjoyed it. However, at $60 a pop, I couldn't really afford to take any away. Can anyone recommend a few more wallet friendly alternatives?
  6. ste667

    Margaret River recommendations

    Having seen all the helpful posts in the Barossa thread, I thought I would start one for my trip to the Margaret River at the start of June. We're only going to be there for 3 days but hopefully we should be able to see a fair few places. We'll probably concentrate or efforts around Margaret...