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  1. OATEK

    Best Hotel room views (no car parks)

    With various threads remembering past travels via photos of places, monuments and the like, what about some for your best hotel room views when travelling (even if only interstate). One of my favourites was from the Hotel du Pantheon., firstly by day ... and even better by night.
  2. OATEK

    QATAR plane blown off course

    Strong storm blows QR plane across tarmac (slowly):
  3. OATEK

    UK for Christmas 2007

    In line with some other recent attempts to keep this non-frequent flying community from being totally swamped by the virus, I have decided to produce a "historical" rather than current trip report. This one occurred long before joining AFF, in the pre-arthritic era when I still flew Y. At the...
  4. OATEK

    A350s to SYD

    Just got an EF alert to say my flight on CX101 in April is now on an A350 (changed from B777). Perhaps they can use a spare 777 to switch the old A330s out.
  5. OATEK

    Last QF 747 on SYD-HKG-SYD

    After boarding VH-OEG on QF128 HKG-SYD on WED 30/1/2019, the CSM announced that this could well be the last such flight for the 747. While no official announcement by the airline, the CSM said the rumour mill was running hot that this was the case. He said the A380 is back on the Chinese New...
  6. OATEK

    Free 1 x General QF Lounge Invitation - be quick it expires on 4/1/19

    I just realised I have an eInvite hanging around that expires in a few weeks. As per usual, will transfer electronically to a QFF member who has been around long enough to run up a few posts, lets say at least 50. This pass can be used at QF International Lounge, or Domestic QP. The successful...
  7. OATEK

    Qantas Web Check-In Issues

    I tried to check-in with my laptop for a flight on Saturday afternoon, the return Sunday flight for an earlier Sat flight. I clicked on Check-in and it went immediately to the Boarding Pass for the flight already completed. I tried blowing away cache etc, but all it did was give me a message to...
  8. OATEK

    Runway drama in PER

    Just noticed on No News: Near-miss for Perth flights to Sydney
  9. OATEK

    Bed bugs bite BA again

    After picking on some poor pax from Canada in Y last September, the bed bugs have set their sights higher: BA Business Class passenger left covered in bed bug bites | Daily Mail Online
  10. OATEK

    Free 1 x QANTAS Club pass expires end Jan 2016

    I have one QP pass available to a good home of an AFFer who has made contributions to the site. Pass is valid for a passenger on a QF Flight, either in a QF International Business Lounge or Domestic QANTAS Club. Make sure you mention that recipient will be on a QF flight, and where they propose...
  11. OATEK

    2015 European adventure

    A belated report on our jaunt around various places in Europe earlier this year. Our journey was Sydney-[Hong Kong]-Helsinki-Paris-Vienna-Athens-Aegean Sea-London-Berlin-Helsinki-Bangkok-Sydney. It was 6 months in the planning and one month in execution, and will be even shorter in the...
  12. OATEK

    Free BKK Premium Lane passes

    I have 2 x BKK Premium Lane passes, stamped Finnair/AY, but no date or flight number. I am not familiar with BKK immigration, so don't know if they are particularly useful, but if anyone thinks they are worth having for an upcoming trip to BKK, let me know.
  13. OATEK

    Emirates tie-up boosts QANTAS bookings

    I couldn't see where this was already posted. "The number of individual flights to and from Europe sold by Qantas has tripled under its alliance with Emirates compared with its previous partnership with British Airways, says Qantas boss Alan Joyce." AFR According to the article, QANTAS flight...
  14. OATEK

    QANTAS considers points+pay upgrade "auction"

    I couldn't see this posted elsewhere, and sorry if it duplicates: Qantas considers
  15. OATEK

    Free Juventus tickets SUN 10/8/2014, Sydney

    I know it is a bit last minute, but I have access to 2 tickets for the Juve vs Allstars match tomorrow night. The ticket holders are both somewhat incapacitated so prepared to give them away to a good home. If anyone is interested let me know. They are PDF tickets, so all you need is a printer.
  16. OATEK

    QF, thanks for looking after my daughter

    My daughter was on QF128 overnight, and sick nearly as soon as flight took off. Only good thing was she took my advice and secured 71D in advance, so had easy access. Was sick may times during the flight and the crew were terrific. Helped her to/from toilets, helped get her carry-on off the...
  17. OATEK

    A (brief) European Odyssey

    2013 marked a 40th wedding anniversary so myself and Mrs OATEK were determined to mark it with a special trip. After gleaning everything I could from AFF on seats, prices and the EK tie-up, we awaited the official announcement and some fare specials. We felt pretty happy that we had snagged a...
  18. OATEK

    New QF1/2 service via Dubai

    I have had a bit of a search but have not found any comments about the reversal of the Long/Short legs for the Kangaroo route. Would love to hear from anyone who has flown the new service about whether having the long leg first (more or less during OZ night) makes sleep any easier. I am booked...
  19. OATEK

    New to the forum

    Just getting started here. Member of both QANTAS and Virgin FF programs, but mainly fly QF for work. Looking forward to finding out all the insider information!