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    Entertainment in overseas lounges

    Hi all. I fly between MEL and LAX fairly frequently and while trying to watch Warner get his double century I was told by the staff in the First Lounge (LAX) that they cant access the cricket. Qantas is an Australian airline. All they have is basketball and gridion on the TV in the LAX lounge...
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    Entry to USA

    Hi all. I travel to the USA about once a month and get sick of waiting in the immigration line. Does anyone know if Australian citizens will be ble to use the Smart Entry (or its equivalent in the USA) in the near future. Australian Citizens cant get Global Entry (I think) because we are not...
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    Moosh51 [Refunding Any Seat Award]

    Hi. Been following the discussions and have finally made the leap to make a comment. I recently booked a Qantas Any Seat Award for my nephew. As happens, he had to cancel. When trying to get the points refunded to my account, I was educated that the Any Seat Awards are a purchase of a seat and...