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    Difficult decision re quick trip to Perth Airport from the east

    Hello, My organization wants an airport meet at Perth for various executive team members and consultants later next week to discuss some high-level changes in its business model. Because of the highly confidential nature of the discussion, Zoom/remote access etc is not acceptable. Most of the...
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    opening times Qantas Lounge Hobart for Jetstar flights

    Hi, My daughter and partner are travelling Hobart to Brisbane next week on JetStar. I want to use 2 lounge vouchers for them, but I just wonder if they are worthwhile. Sure, it is only a regional lounge, but they are facing a long time on Jetstar. The trouble is that the lounge only opens 1...
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    QR flights ? available DOH-BNE oct/nov 2021

    I've been looking at reward flights on QR later next year. I've noticed, in expertflyer, that QR flies DOH-BNE 3 days a week then . I know there are issues with traffic rights to BNE but currently or at least recently , QR have been allowed to transit BNE thru to AKL. The flights I found ( QR...
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    How long before cancelled Card Gets Removed from Credit history

    Hi, I have cancelled my Qantas Woolworths CC Visa ( part of Macquarie group) - only 50% QFF points and annual fee too much. I am looking for a replacement and prefer one with a big signup bonus. I assume that any new card provider may be on the lookout for someone who is just swapping cards for...
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    Will Hobart QClub open for Jetstar flights

    I want to give family two lounge passes - they are departing Hobart airport on a jetstar flight on a saturday night. I read on their Facebook site that the lounge would be opened one hour prior to the departure of a qantas flight. There are no qantas metal flights leaving round the same time...
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    Qantas Hotels - Black Friday sales?

    Hi, I have a few hotels to book over the next few weeks . I am wondering if anyone can remember if Qantas Hotels offered extra points earning on last year's Black Friday. I am booking mostly hotels in the UK and Europe and other sites' prices are a little lower than on QF. Points earning bonus...
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    Qantas Hotels booking ref

    I have used Qantas Hotels quite a few times now and successfully got the points post stay. I am a bit confused though re booking references . I am emailed a qantas hotel booking number when i make the booking but if i am staying at a big chain hotel - eg Marriott , the checkin staff sometimes...
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    Early Checkin for Airnorth flight from Broome

    Hi, I'm flying from Broome to Darwin in a couple of weeks on Airnorth. I finish a cruise at 0800 and the flight leaves round 1330. I assume I check in at the Qantas counter . There are not many QF flights out of BME only one at 0920 and then the next is mine at 1330. I would like to checkin and...
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    EF not seeming to reflect award flights for QF platinum

    Hi, I am a premium member of EF and a QFF plat. I have added my QFF number to EF but the searches do not reflect the availability on the QF award site. I have checked dates for SYD-SIN/JNB/HKG and, although seats are available on the QFF engine, they do not show on EF. EF is so much easier to...
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    Platinum access to award seats domestic

    Hi, Recently made Platinum and need to travel to Canberra tomorrow - looking to burn some of my points but almost no J award seats available even thru Sydney. Has anyone had experience ringing QFF and asking them to free up a seat in that class. Is there a particular section that I should ask for ?
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    Seat Selection Air North E 170

    Hi, I've got 4 flight sectors coming up on Air north on the top end. Does anyone know when seat selection opens up or only at the airport.. Would a QFF Gold have any preference over seating - eg to get row one ?
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    Issues with accuracy of "finder" cc comparison website

    Hi, I have in the past found useful credit card advantages and benefits to be found on the “finder”: website. I think I am quite experienced with credit cards and I offer this only because of my concern that inexperienced players will make decisions based on what I believe is misinformation on...
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    best CC for government payments

    Hi, I am currently using the woolworths qantas rewards card to pay off rates, taxes etc . I think that the current rate is 0.5 points per dollar. Any thoughts about cards that offer better for government/utility payments?
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    Beware QF codeshares on LATAM to Santiago

    I booked and paid for J class on the QF Brisbane - Auckland and the QF codeshare AKL -Santiago on Latam. I'm now in AKL the Latam staff tell me that Qantas never did the booking right and I am travelling economy to SCL. I mention this as I don't want others to go thru the same hassles that I...
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    Free 1x United regional upgrade exp 31 Jan 2019 [Gone!]

    I offer a united airline premier regional upgrade expires 31 january 2019. Details of this upgrade - The Ultimate Guide to United Airlines Upgrade Rules Free to anyone who contacts me - I will need to apply if electronically from my account so will need your PNR and surname.
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    QF fare drop a week post purchase

    I have bought a business class return to Santiago de Chile and noticed that today the fares going across are available on the same flights for about $1000 less. I know there are change and cancellation fees which apply but before I contact QF, I’d be grateful for advice. I am guessing that I...
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    Free 2 UA Regional Premier Upgrade(s) Expiring 1/31/2018

    They are all yours . More info re their utility at Regional Premier Upgrades | United Airlines
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    JQ domestic conx off QF international flight

    Hi, I'm returning from Narita early next year and need to get from BNE-Hobart to get home. The QF flight is I class and the fare includes business class to my final destination in Australia. I can use JQ but I am wondering if it would involve more than the base offer eg would i get seat...
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    Travel Bank funds expiration

    Sorry, I could not get my search function to work. I have funds in my travel bank with an expiry of 28Jul2018. ie they were deposited 12 months prior to that date. I understand that the funds need to be used by the above date but can they be used to pay for a flight in the 12 months beyond...
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    Business Class RTW from Australia

    Hi, I am looking to buy 2 business class rtw fares later next year and am looking for the best deal. I came across an online advert for a cheap economy class Etihad rtw out of australia - business class not on offer. I could not find anything on the airlines website . Is anyone aware a such an...