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    This is just bonkers!

    I need to fly MEL-BNE-SIN-MEL soon. Went on to to get tickets. About $4,500 in business class if I fly EK metal with QF flight numbers for the two international sectors or over $7,000 to fly on Qantas metal. D'oh as Homer says! QF really are bonkers! Btw, I need two tickets so...
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    New thread/sticky idea

    Hi members and administrators. As an increasing number of threads in the Qantas forum area seem to involve members asking Red Roo questions or for help or involve Red Roo chiming in to comment or to promote Qantas products and services I think it would be useful if Red Roo had their own...
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    First Class status credit earn is so pathetic - why?

    540 SC's for a MEL-LAX-MEL in F at a cost of over $15,000 160 SC's for MEL-OOL via SYD in J at a cost of $1,200 15,000/1,200 = 12.5 12.5 X 160 = 2000 SC's Bad deal in F :confused::(:o:shock:
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    UA 777 lighting strike parked at MEL

    A UA 777 was parked over at the freight stands yesterday at MEL peppered with a series of marks above the F class windows. Apparently suffered a lighting strike and is awaiting repairs to body, windows and I was told damaged F class seats. Cannot find anything more on this. Anyone else have...
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    The Wing F Lounge at HKG

    Is like a train station. I miss the quiet of The Pier. Anyone know when it's reopening?
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    Etihad wipes Israel off the map!

    Also according to the story they won't carry Israeli passport holders. Wonder if that's in breach of Australian discrimination laws? Hmm I think so. Etihad wipes out Israel on inflight map | Mail Online
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    AirNZ does it again! [Safety in Paradise Pre Flight Video]

    Gotta love their safety videos. It's great marketing. Preview: Air New Zealand, Sports Illustrated swimsuit safety video - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller
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    Keeping an account active?

    Didn't want to start a new thread for this but figured there would be huge knowledge here so I will pop in the question. I have a few Hiltons I generally stay at quite regularly but not this year. Looking at the T&C's and the well known Clause 13 eligible activity clause, is a transfer of points...
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    Qatar Airways - not a pretty story

    Article paints an ugly picture. The truth about the luxury of Qatar Airways | Nyheter | Expressen | Senaste nytt - Nyheter Sport Nöje TV
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    NZ biter

    Another great flight to Bali. How cabin crews must love-'em! Meanwhile in other NZ travel news!
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    Qantas Status match play

    Seeing reports on here about people getting random upgrades to Gold status. It got me thinking. What would happen if QFF pulled a similar swifty to VA and did a well marketed status match? I actually think they would decimate the VA premium market very quickly. Would it de-value the brand. I...
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    HA increases to 4 flights a week Brisbane - Honolulu

    See release. Hawaiian Airlines : Investor Relations : Press Releases Don't think QF or JQ operate any. :(
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    Here it is. Photos: Boeing 787-9 Aircraft Pictures | Looks great with that longer fuselage. NZ is the launch customer of course and they'll be flying them to HNL amongst other places, KOOL :!:
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    QF to LHR via HKG now impossible

    Wow. I didn't quite understand all the ramifications of this Emirates stich up! You can no longer fly to LHR via HKG on a QF ticket at all. Not with BA or CX out of HKG and in fact not even with EK via Dubai and on to LHR. Now that is a bizarre situation. Game over. Au revoir QF bigtime for me...
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    Website integration and functionality [with Cathay Pacific]

    So I have a RTW (DONE5) ticket with various stopovers on multiple carriers including QF, BA and CX. The ticket has been issued by Qantas. My Marco Polo (CX) number is entered into the booking. Interestingly when I log into my CX account I can see all of the booking sectors and assigned seat...
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    Qantas Double Status Credits on international Flights

    Has anyone else received the email from Qantas headed "Booking London and Europe with confidence"? There is a picture of a very happy looking Qantas employee in the email. Direct your cursor over the photo and double click your mouse, up comes a text box which says, "Qantas Frequent Flyer...
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    HA increasing SYD-HNL to 10 flights per week

    HA are temporarily increasing their SYD-HNL service from 7 to 10 flights per week during April to June with their new A330's. Clearly this service is a hit. Meanwhile back at QF HQ they are still...
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    Persons banned from entry to the UAE

    I was talking with a business associate over the weekend who happens to be both a QF WP and an Israeli citizen. He was suggesting to me that know that Dubai will be the QF hub into Europe his days of flying QF are essentially over. Israeli passport holders are not permitted entry to the UAE and...
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    Virgin and Velocity websites - enough is enough

    It is August 2012. Enough is enough is enough. Fix it Virgin. What a ridiculous mess. Virgin talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk or as Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the...
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    HA to commence BNE-HNL

    See. Swapping G’Day for Aloha: Hawaiian Airlines to fly to Brisbane - Airline News - Still no MEL-HNL :( MEL must be the cough-end of the world as far as international airlines are concerned, for an affluent city of 4 million our services are pitiful.