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  1. ozboy01

    Layover options at LAX

    Hi I am travelling SYD-LAX-YVR on Thursday. Arriving on QF11 in F class . QF11 is scheduled to touch down at 6:20AM. LAX to YVR is on Westjet at 12:15pm from T2. They are separately ticketed flights and the LAX - YVR sector is on a WS not QF flight number. The earliest I can check in and...
  2. ozboy01

    Best Corporate CC offers currently

    Hi I currently have 3 points earning cards in my personal name: Amex 1 point per $ from 15.4.19 (currently 1.25 per $) WOW Qantas Visa .5 points per $ and low capped monthly spend (will...
  3. ozboy01

    Transfer times at TBIT

    Hi I am travelling SYD-LAX-YVR on an upcoming trip. Have just secured QFF F class seat on QF11 and am considering options re the sector from LAX to YVR. Was interested in people's thoughts on an appropriate transfer time from deplaning from QF11 going through customs/immigration at TBIT and...
  4. ozboy01

    EK F Lounge at Dubai or Hotel for 7 hour layover?

    Hi I am lucky enough to have snared tickets from SYD - DXB - AMS. in F suites (both sectors) with EK using QF points. I have a 7 hour layover between flights. I have never been to DXB before. I have been issued with a Dubai Connect voucher by QF with the stopover being over 6 hours. The three...
  5. ozboy01

    Booking EK sectors with QF Points - how far out can I book?

    Hi I wish to fly Emirates SYD-DXB-AMS in very late September next year in Business using QF points. I have a rellie who is either Platinum (or I think P1) with QF who has kindly offered to assist at the appropriate time with securing the seats and then doing a points transfer. I am only...
  6. ozboy01

    Best non AMEX card option post 1.7.17

    Hi Like everyone else I am currently reviewing my credit cards and trying to maximise their point earning effectiveness. I currently have in my personal name: Qantas American Express Premium Card NAB Amex/Visa Qantas Platinum Combo Woolworths Qantas Visa As is pretty self evident above my...
  7. ozboy01

    SYD-BME and DRW-SYD on QF

    Hi I want to book SYD-BME on 23.7.16 and want to fly direct so that obligates QF on my understanding. Also want to fly DRW-SYD on 11.8.16. Will be on land between BME and DRW. Interested in any suggestions as to the best way to ticket these two sectors to get the best price. Am I confined to...
  8. ozboy01

    Best Voice and Data Options for South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana

    Hi At the end of this month I am away for 5 weeks in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana with about 60% of it in South Africa. I am considering my voice and data options in regards to contracting an international roaming agreement with an Aussie Telco (I am currently with Telstra) or...
  9. ozboy01

    SYD - DFW return in Business Class using QF points

    Hi I am a pretty new poster so please be gentle :-) My post is a combination of questions and requests for confirmation of information I believe to be correct. I want to book a SYD - DFW return in business class using points with departure 31.3.16 and return 3.5.16. I read somewhere that...
  10. ozboy01

    Hi Everyone :-)

    I have just joined AFF and am looking forward to getting lots of helpful tips and making many friendships. Kind Regards Geoff Sydney