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    Poor logic of credit card surcharges

    I was just thinking about the issue of charging a surcharge for credit card usage in Australia (and how it is not allowed in the US) and the logic off it. So, I understand the theory was to recover the cost of the merchant fees charged on credit card transactions ~3% However, what is odd...

    New version of RewardsDB Australia.

    Hi, The new version of RewardsDB Australia is live at; find cashback, airline miles, points. and coupons when you shop online. hopefully it is easier to use than the old version - and there are more programs included.

    Updated site for online shopping rewards, credit cards etc

    Hi, I recently restructed my personal site ( splitting it into several different sites. Of most interest to everyone on this board will be which has my Australian shopping rewards comparison tool, Credit Card comparisons, lounge programs etc...

    Program responses to Hurricane Katrina

    I am keeping a running record of all the airline / hotel / loyalty program offers related to Hurrican Katrina relief on my site New Orleans, Biloxi and surrounding areas look truely aweful and it is going to be a long and painful process to...

    Earn and Redeem Points on Virgin Blue - there is a program

    I know dynamic rewards has been discussed on this forum in the past but thought I would bring it up again as it seems to have continued to develop and has some rather interesting aspects - not the least of which is that you can earn and redeem points for Virgin Blue flights. According to the...