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    A recent discovery - Qantas FF and Cathay Asia Miles

    I recently wanted to book a points flight in First or Business on CX from JFK -> HKG. I went onto the QF website and all that was available was Economy. I called QF and got the same result. So I thought I would try something - I joined Asia Miles and looked for the same flights - and guess what...
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    Fun at Qantas check in

    Just fly BA. They can teach anyone what bad customer service is
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    Loyalty is a one way affair - goodbye QFF

    Don't fly Jetstar. Problem solved
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    Earning SC on HA Inter-island flights

    While the price may be cheap, so is Hawaiian. I recently flew on their first class from Honolulu to LAX. Seats were OK, services was OK, lounge was cough, food was cough. It may be a cheap first class, but is is a cheap first class
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    Have you Stuck with QF?

    Hedge your bets. I fly with QF domestic, to the US and occasionally to Asia. I fly SQ to Europe and the UK and often within Asia. SQ makes it easier to use my points for international travel. Virgin can't offer me both domestic and international unless I want to only travel to the USA. Their...
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    Business Class Seats on A380 on Points

    I don't know where people get the idea QF only releases 2 seats. Even on the old 747's it was always 4 seats. Normally, stage 1 release is 2 First, 4 Business and 20 Economy. I don;t know how many are released in Premium Economy but I think this is only 2 as it is a small cabin. Bets release of...
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    Summary of Hotel Loyalty Programs - SPG, HHonors, IHG, Accor

    Reading through this, a couple of things seem to be missing. First I am SPG Platinum for Life - that's right I do not even have to stay at a Starwood property ever again but whenever I do I get Platinum benefits - how 10 years at Platinum level - I had Gold for Life before that. So long term...
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    Bangkok - Lounge change [Closing permanently]

    Whether one likes it or not, QF no longer has a commitment to Asia. Flights have been cut back, classes of travel, lounges, etc. Therefore, really these days you need access to multiple programs ie QF FF and SQ FF etc. This really is the only solution. SQ status is already based on what you...
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    What would your points strategy be if........

    The best way to do this is to use SQ Kris flyer. Requires less points than anyone else
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    Velocity Member Survey Exclusive to Platinum and Gold Members

    Really surprised how many VFF points are needed to travel on Singapore. Something like 5 times the amount of VFF points required than for the same SQ Krisflyer redemption. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!!
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    Time to give up on Qantas

    Points are good value for flights - and flights only - by SQ points are far better value - 40,000 points to Europe on SQ, 72,000 on QF. The business lounges are better than most going around - certainly domestically - and if you a a Platinum FF, you can buy the cheapest fare anyway !!
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    Time to give up on Qantas

    The big problem I see at QF is inconsistency. You will travel on some flights and the service will be great and then on other flights and the service will be cough - even up the front of the plane. We recently traveled to NY - MEL->LAX - average - LAX->JFK - poor, JFK->LAX - great, LAX->MEL -...
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    Qantas Customer DON'T care!

    The whole issue of changing flights - especially on points bookings - on QF is not great. Similar problems exist on changing paid bookings as there are now some many fare classes. Recently I had to change a name on a QF points booking I made 6 months ago. Yes it was my fault - I did not notice...
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    Travelling with children

    Been doing this for years - but had at least one older kid with them - started when the oldest was 12. QF / SQ / CX / TG no problem
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    Customer SERVICE Consultants - OMG !!!!

    Customer and services are at different ends of the spectrum for most large organisations. Their processes having nothing to do with providing service - they are all designed to protect the cough of the directors. Citibank are hopeless. Have been for years. Amex are a little better. I find most...
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    Heads up about program changes

    QF are experts in screwing over their customers. They have been doing it for years. This is just another example. I am not by the way saying anyone else is any better, but QF are experts. As I don't fly on discounted economy fares, this is not really going to affect me EXCEPT with OneWorld...
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    If only there was status for the security queue

    Status with an airline will generally get you priority through security (domestic and international) and immigration. The other way to get status internationally is to have an APEC card. This is a godsend if you travel in Asia - especially China - but the qualification conditions have become...
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    Has QANTAS made the biggest marketing blunder of all time?

    Jock28, why don't you ask someone with an Israeli stamp in his / her passport or someone travelling on an Israeli passport about travelling through the UAE. The UAE is NOT a normal country. It is an Islamist dictatorship - even Sex in the City 2 showed you that. And why don't you ask the...
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    Has QANTAS made the biggest marketing blunder of all time?

    Some people may call it a beat up, other people may call it a bad call by QF. Either way. I will no longer fly QF to London or Europe. At the moment I fly in First at least twice a year. End of story. I do not need to go to this backward racist, sexist, facist, third world country. And by the...