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    Time for a Qantas sale? Another DSC offer?

    I thought that with the announcement yesterday about Qantas international operations ramping up, we'd see a launch sale. Or a DSC offer. Surprised there's nothing (so far). I'm very keen to start making some bookings - so please help me out, Qantas! :)
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    VA axes ‘Fly Ahead’ for Gold frequent flyers

    From: Virgin Australia axes ‘Fly Ahead’ for Velocity Gold frequent flyers Virgin Australia’s Velocity Gold frequent flyers will lose access to the airline’s favoured ‘Fly Ahead’ feature come November, which allows travellers to jump on an earlier same-day flight. What a stupid move to make at...
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    Status runs amid lockdowns

    Does anyone know any good QF status runs that are available at the moment that don't include Vic/NSW/ACT?
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    Travelling Norfolk to Brisbane

    Has anyone flown from Norfolk Island to Brisbane recently? Any problems arriving? Authorities thinking you need to go into quarantine?
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    New - bonus Qantas Points and Status Credits with travel agents

    Just stumbled across this... Qantas Distribution Platform launches new bonus Qantas Points and Status Credits offer capability Latest News | Published29 July 2021 The Qantas Distribution Platform now has the capability to deliver bonus Qantas Points and Status Credits to Qantas Frequent Flyers...
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    QF Lifetime Platinum - new benefit?

    Just noticed what I think might be a new benefit for Lifetime Platinums... "Lifetime Platinum membership benefits for life include..... Additionally, Lifetime Platinum members benefit from access to the Qantas VIP Service Team." Per...
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    Qantas "Loyalty Bonus Offer" ???

    Has anyone noticed LOYALTY BONUS OFFER post to their account?
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    Does splitting a PNR muck up DSC?

    Given for DSC offers the QF system looks at the date the PNR is created, does splitting a booking upset this? I have a booking made during DSC but need to split it. Thanks in advance!
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    Arriving into Sydney international (from NZ)

    Has anyone flown into Sydney international from NZ since the bubble opened? Curious to hear what the experience was like - customs, wait times, etc. I have a (legal) 1.5 hour International-Domestic connection and I doubt I'll get to T3 (via the train) in time to check in a bag. 1621484054
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    International transfers @ SYD

    I realise Qantas isn't providing the bus transfers between domestic and international, but what about bags? Can bags be transferred? Is the check in desk at international (for domestic connections) open?
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    Points Club - new bonuses and benefits!

    Just noticed that some new benefits have been added to Points Club Plus, including... Take your flying to new heights Access exclusive flying offers like pre-release tickets and bonus Qantas Points throughout the year. Unlock a Milestone Bonus Reward Earn 250,000 Qantas Points in a Membership...
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    Qantas app trips not syncing

    Not sure if anyone else is having this problem... My Qantas app is not syncing trips. I've tried everything - logging out/in, deleting/reinstalling... Anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering - no joke - if it might be that I actually have too many bookings!
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    TravelPass with DSC offer

    Does anyone know if Qantas is still offering to convert cancelled bookings into a TravelPass with a DSC offer? I took advantage of this a few months ago, but don't know if it's still on offer for cancelled flights.
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    Qantas Premier Titanium card

    Curious to hear anyone's experiences with this card. Does it live up to the hype? 20% bonus SC apparently doesn't count towards P1 or lifetime. Is this actually the case in practice?
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    TravelPass DSC not posting

    Is anyone else having problems with DSC not posting when using a TravelPass credit (with DSC offer chosen)?
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    Earn Hyatt points on award stays?

    I've been a Diamond/Globalist for many years so I'm embarrassed not to know the answer to this question!... If I'm staying at a Hyatt using points (or a free night certificate), obviously I don't earn points for the stay itself... but what about for other spend? Restaurants, bar, etc?
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    Delayed SC posting from Fly Buys

    I'll be relying on some Fly Buys SC credits from this month (Jan 2020) in order to reach Platinum. My cut off is 10 Feb because after that time a large number of SC will expire (and I won't be over the 1000 mark). I see Fly Buys SC post with an end of month "activity date" and a later "process...
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    Crediting AA flight to QF after using systemwide upgrade

    Has anyone had any experience trying to credit an AA flight to QF after applying an AAdvantage Systemwide Upgrade?
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    What do Qantas tiers look like going forward?

    With few exceptions, at the moment there's little difference between being a Platinum One and a Bronze member. Obviously most people aren't flying at all, but for those that are there are no lounges and service onboard is very limited. With international flights off the table for a long time...
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    Qantas Points Club.... dead?

    Despite all the fanfare back when "the biggest changes in 30+ years were announced", there's no sign of the promised "Qantas Points Club". Can't wonder if the idea has been taken out behind the back of the sheds and.... Any thoughts?