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    Citi Prestige with MasterCard

    Not sure if this is covered elsewhere but Citi sent SMS to inform they’ve dispatched new Citi Prestige MasterCard to replace the Visa card Link given which explains the change:
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    Amex not able to take payment or answer calls

    Tried using Amex app to make payment and it didn’t work ‘Online Services have been unable to complete your request.’ When I called and sought to speak with representative phone got disconnected. Will use webpage if that works or attempt phone call once again
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    Chefs and Restauranteurs

    Chef Floyd Cardoz passes away of coronavirus: The celebrity chef cooked up meal for President Obama...
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    Asia Miles Award Seats

    Personal experience over last several weeks of more availability of business seats on CX and partner airlines. My bookings in April were brought forward to this Saturday and today I changed again to fly out tomorrow. Could choose between CX, QF, MH and even QR
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    Australian Passports - VISA-free or VOA [Countries]

    Comprehensive list of countries and visa requirements for Aussie passport holders:
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    Referral Bonus

    I called Amex to change limits on Velocity card and Reserve card and sought advice on getting more points. For existing members who aren’t usually eligible for sign-on bonus, referral looks like best way to collect points, for self and new members. Unless they’re excluded in promotions I’ll try...
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    Amex Optio

    Is a new premium charge card on the cards?
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    Purchasing Dury Free at airports

    Gucci has released a new fragrance: Gucci Memoire D'Une Odeur Eau de Parfum 60 ml Sold at Myers and DJs only in Sydney, price for 60ml is A$130 (100ml is $180) and they throw in pouch and diary (two pouches, diary and sample bottle of product, when buying 100ml). Available for $98 at SYD store.
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    MH - KUL-HAN for usd270 return

    Came across this deal on Flyertalk: Works out to aud3/SC on QF
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    WorkCover premiums

    Need to settle WC Queensland premium account and wondering if points will be given in using Visa/Mcard
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    International airports arrival to exit

    Here an index of fastest and slowest exit after international arrivals: PER and BNE score well in APAC zone
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    Bob Hawke passes away

    Former labor leader and PM dies at 89
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    Aeroflot flight crash lands in Moscow Airplane, a year old, returns to Moscow airport following fire on board after takeoff
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    Best food cultures and destinations

    For the travelling foodies, a list of countries with the ‘best’ foods: Subjective, of course
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    Airline cabin crew perks

    Cathay Pacific draws the line on unofficial perks: Cathay Pacific Cracks Down on Thieving Flight Attendants: SCMP | Bloomberg
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    Etihad Airbus A346 A6-EHG

    For those interested in aircraft accidents / incidents: The Aviation Herald This was pre-delivery, aircraft was a write-off
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    SYD to Honolulu award options in Business

    Hi all, seeking suggestions for award tickets SYD/HNL/SYD with OW or *A partners or even other carriers. Date of travel late Jan around 24th, stay of around 6 days Can consider continental US if necessary Thanks
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    New Airline Routes

    Interesting review of new routes over the past 12 months. These Were the Biggest New Airline Routes Launched in 2017 Some 2018 routes have been well-publicised. Expecting more announcements during the course of the year.
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    Wingly takes off

    Uber-like service offering private flights in Europe: Wingly lets you fly around Europe for very low prices | Daily Mail Online
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    Fifth Freedom flights

    Sharing this info which some of you may know of already: List of Fifth Freedom Flights - Real World Aviation - Airline Empires