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    help with KrisFlyer redemption

    Hi, I need to get from Perth (PER) to Sarajevo (SJJ) using KrisFlyer miles in J. I understand that getting direct to SJJ is not possible, but looking for recommendation on other European destinations which I can then maybe purchase a ticket onwards. Whilst I need three J seats (2A & 1C) is it...
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    Redemption Ticket taxes using Kris Flrer points on NZ & Infant Booking

    I made an infant booking PER - FRA, FRA - JFK, JFK - PER and SQ charged me 10% off the full fare J which equate to approx. AUD1700. Just used ITA tool and that costs infant at approx. AUD1100. Have I been ripped of by SQ?
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    Advise on best way to cancel QF red e-deal

    Book a QF PER - MELB return on red e-deal. Unfortunately need to cancel it due to work commitments. Can you please advise the best way to do this. As I understand it, there is a $38 fee to change the booking online, but can I upgrade to a full economy ticket and then get a full refund...
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    I second this information request. I was wondering the same thing.
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    In regards to the application, I have never had a credit card application turn around as quickly as this. I faxed back the acceptance of the offer and had a credit card in my hand five days later. This period included a weekend and delivery to WA. Boy thaey must be keen to get you spending...
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    I can only assume that Citibank does not discriminate between VISA and MCARD. In saying that, I received the offer and I have a VISA. Maybe give Citibank a call and enquire about the offer??
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    Valuair Perth - Singapore Return $299 + Tax

    Qantas page also quotes 29 March to 31 May, $399 + 150 taxes.
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    Extract from letter sent by Citibank Letter sent from Citibank...
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    Citibank Diners Club Card

    Has anyone else received a pre-approved Citibank Diners CC letter (a partner to the VISA CC). It appears to bequite attractive (even though Diners is not widely accepted) with: No CC fee (2 for 1 deal as you only pay a fee on the VISA) No additional cardholder fee No membership rewards...
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    2,500 point penalty for date/time changes on award bookings

    Whilst booking 4 'U' class return trips PER-MEL through the QFF call centre, the person mentioned that I would not incur the usual 2,500 point penalty for date/time changes as I was a silver QFF. Is this correct? If so, can I change all the tickets (even those for family members who are...
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    Claim Hotel Stays on QFF booked with

    Just had a pre-paid stay at a Sydney Hotel booked through I asked the hotel for an invoice but as the accommodation was pre-paid, they advised that they could not issue me with one. Sent my documentation to QFF and they requested an invoice from the hotel. Anybody...
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    Commonwealth Bank ... it's not too late for 1 to 1 points

    Website has now been updated!! Just a question...was this 1.5:1 ratio supposed to be for points earned after 1 July, or all points transferred after 1 July?
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    Commonwealth Bank ... it's not too late for 1 to 1 points

    I have a Comm Gold Affinity card (now a Comm Gold card) and the awards screen still says a 1:1 transfer from Gold Awards to QFF....expected it to be 1.5:1. Not sure if the web page has been updated (since 1 July) but, that's what it says.
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    AMEX gives 1.5 points

    Looks like AMEX is extending their 1.5 points offer for $29. Worthwhile taking up?
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    Qantas Quick Check

    Just used QuickCheck at MEL airport. GREAT Skipped the absolutely massive queues for both Qclub and economy check-ins (no one using the QuickCheck). The checkin person checked my baggae through and I did the rest. Saved at least 30mins in the check-in queue. More time to enjoy the...
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    Citibank Airport Offer

    Cruising through Mel and PER domestic and noticed a Citibank VISA stall offering 4000 FF points, plus 6.9% interest. Anyone applied? Is this offer only available at the airport? No sign of the offer on the Citibank web page. Might have to take another cruise to the airport to sign...
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    Transfer of ANZ points to QFF.

    Monthly transfers to QFF Up until this month the transfers have been quite regular (about 4-6 days into the month, for the previous months spending). July's transaction only came through today (15 July) and the points were well short!! What is going on? :?
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    Credit cards that provide reward points on balance transfers

    Response from Citibank to multiple balance transfers Straight from Citibank; Possibly the replacement card from AMP. :P
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    Credit cards that provide reward points on balance transfers

    As the ability to gain QFF points via the AMP CC balance transfer is now removed with the take over by AMEX, does anybody know of or use another card that provides reward points for balance transfers? :evil: