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    Flights on BA with infants

    I noticed this on the BA web site Has anyone used their Britax seats? Interested in anyones reviews....
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    Wizard Clear Advantage "free international transactions"

    They do absorb it...I should know I built the product. The reason why both Visa and MC convert to USD first is they route all foreign transactions to their US service centres first, before then sending it out to the local issuer. My understanding is that the conversion (i.e. loading) charge...
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    QF Eligible flight segments

    I had thought of coming backto Oz, but all the (extended) family are in the UK. Even though DragonAir are now part of CX, I don't believe they have code share flights with QF, do they. We are MEL based so cannot get direct from PVG - unless we code share with MU. No thanks! Flying from from...
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    QF Eligible flight segments

    Hi There Quick one for you all. I have seen away from Oz for a year now, living in Shanghai. I use *A for most of my travel in Asia. I am still QF Gold, but i see that they have brought in an eligibility requirement, that you have to fly on QF in order to attain / retain status. Thats a...
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    Finnair or JAL ? J class to LDN... which one?

    Have only flown with Finnair, last month, but here is my two pence worth. (flight was PVG->HEL->MAN) The plane was an A343, one of Virgin's old ones. Seats were good, food was good, the wine list was excellent. IFE ok. Transfer at Helsinki was sweet, just an hour - in fact the new safety...
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    Infant Car Seats on board aircraft

    THats what I thought, but what is surprising is that most flights from Shanghai to/from Europe and the UK leave at lunchtime, landing around late afternoon into Europe. The only night flight with connections to Manchester was with Air France (not much good for my points) and Lufthansa...
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    Infant Car Seats on board aircraft

    ;) We aim to please....this is a service industry after all :) ;) As far as I am concenred, I would rather pay the extra money and strap the little guy in than have him run aorund the aricraft for 4 hours. A little OT but ....We are off to live in Shanghai next week (am the Pier lounge...
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    Chinese Airline FFP

    From the BMI website today Air China to become Star Alliance member carrier release date: 22/05/2006 Air China Limited (‘Air China’) and Star Alliance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding confirming an invitation for Air China to join the alliance. Commenting on today’s event, Jaan...
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    DONE4 SC's

    oops...Sorry Kiwi Flyer.
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    DONE4 SC's

    Fantastic route, Dave. Hadn't thought of the stop in HNL so that will please Mrs G. BA fly direct from MAN to JFK. I guess I'd lose a couple of SC's for that but save an extra domestic flight down to LHR. Sweet.:p
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    DONE4 SC's

    Thanks NM. I was thinking exactly this as I was typing....the note about Shanghai Airlines joining *A is invaluable. That's who I fly between Shanghai and Shenzhen on a regular basis. Great advice as usual :D PS didn't like the way it dropped ad's into my post.:eek: Especially as I work for a...
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    DONE4 SC's

    Hi There. When I relocate to Shanghai next month, I get a flight home per year (or cash equivalent of USD4000). I plan to use this for a DONE4 to a) go home and visit relatives and friends in UK and US and b) maintain my Gold FF status. As I will be travelling with family (they get $4000 too)...
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    Chinese Airline FFP

    Hi everyone, am moving with work to Shanghai for 3 years from july. Am currently BMI Gold (*A) and Qantas Gold - both are about to be renewed and I will remain at these tiers for another 12 months. But its going to be difficult earning in the future as most of my travel will be within...
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    Infant Car Seats on board aircraft

    Thanks NM. Had pre-arranged it but..... Good call on the Internationals...I was plannig to fly to HK qith QF and back with CX. Maybe CX won't accept the car seat? Any knowledge of the minimum age for an infant to occupy their own seat without a car seat? If we don't have the car seat...
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    Infant Car Seats on board aircraft

    We recently flew with JetStar up to Cairns. As we were cashing in some BA points, we decided to really push the boat out and get Master G (18 mths old) his own seat. For those that don't know, this means fixing his car seat into the aircraft seat with the lap belt and then another bracing...
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    Jetstar International

    Does anyone know of any other routes? I really enjoy holidaying in Kota Kinabalu and have been in two minds about since AO stopping their direct service - and then stopping altogether. I am glad that they have stopped because it keeps the beaches nice and empty of "bogan" Australians who...
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    China Eastern - your experiences?

    I recently flew up to PVG via HKG but as I had to pop into the office in Shenzhen, I flew up from Shenzhen (not back to HKG) to PVG with Shanghai Airlines (FM). A bit ropey, we were delayed 2.5 hrs on the ground, doors closed. Still the cabin crew continued as if we were in the air with a...
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    Find the best wines in the sky

    If you didn't like the Qantas selection, do not fly United. Their idea of a good Aussie wine in Business Class is Wolf Blass Red Label. :shock:
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    Accomodation Sydney CBD

    I prefer the Shangri-La. 36 Floors in total ; Opera House one way, Darling Harbour the other