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    Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 (Discussion)

    The Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 guide is available at the following link: This thread is available for members who wish to discuss the content in the guide, have questions...
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    Travelling to Australia During COVID-19 (Guide)

    Check back periodically for expanded information and updates. Last Updated: 15 JUL 2021 AFF on Air Podcasts Podcast #54: How to Fly to Australia Without Getting "Bumped" Podcast #62: Travelling to...
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    Member Offers oneworld award Surcharges / Taxes Check

    [Moderator Comment] We are aware this is a very kind offer from @madrooster. However, it is better if this thread is kept tidy. Please refrain from making any posts that are not specific requests for a check of your surcharges and taxes. Posts that are not in relation to a request for a check...
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    Changes to GUF processing for travel agents

    For the BAEC members here with GUFs... Previously travel agents could only directly apply a GUF on a new ticket/booking. As of 17/06 agents are now able to apply GUFs to existing already-ticketed bookings, using the same rules as a new booking. A genuine enhancement!
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    Amex Platinum Charge now charging a supplementary cardholder fee

    Previously on the Amex Platinum Charge you were able to add more than 4 supp cards for free, but apparently ever since the annual fee went up to $1450, they're now also charging a $700 supplementary cardholder fee if you have more than 4 cards. Has anyone seen any recent communication from Amex...
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    Convert Explorer to Platinum Reserve

    Has anyone tried to convert an Explorer card to a Platinum Reserve card recently? With the coming devaluation in April, those with a Platinum Charge + Explorer combo will find the Explorer to be useless as you could get the same benefits from the Platinum Reserve which is free as a companion...
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    BA Asia Sale approx $3000 in J

    A BA/JL/MH Asia sale is on... ticket by 30/11/2018. Cost is approx $3000 in J. Travel by 30/09/2019. Origins: PER, SYD, ADL, MEL, BNE, CBR, DRW (+$200), HBA, CNS (+$200), OOL, TSV (+$200), MKY (+$200) 4-5 stopovers permitted from the following list (order of stopover restrictions apply): SIN...
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    Amex Escalation

    I've had a number of customer service failures ranging from Android Pay issues to Amex lounge access issues for supplementary cards in the last few months at Amex. Does anyone have any higher escalation contacts that they'd be willing to share with me privately? If you do and are happy to...
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    AY RTW Sale

    As recently discussed here: RTW Oneworld fare $6.90 per SC This J fare is now back Sale ends: 16/03 Originating cities: BNE/MEL/SYD/CBR/ADL/CNS/HBA are roughly the same price (common rated). PER/DRW/OOL are a little more. Stopovers: 2 stopovers in each direction + the destination itself for...
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    ex-AKL and ex-SYD QF/AA J fares to SFO/LAX/NYC

    QF and AA have a J sale ex-AKL and AA only has a J sale ex-SYD to SFO/LAX/NYC. Sale ends 07 NOV 2017. PM me for more details if you're interested. AA ex-AKL: QF prime or AA*QF on trans tasman. AKL/SFO: $4092 AUD - Routing: AKL QF/AA SYD AA LAX AA SFO AKL/LAX: $4085 AUD - Routing: AKL QF/AA...
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    Qantas Ultimate Amex

    Has anyone who is an existing Amex customer managed to signup to the Qantas range of Amex-issued cards after 31st March 2017, using a referral link and still received the signup bonus points?
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    ANZ QFF card earn rates enhanced™

    ANZ QFF/Rewards card earn rates enhanced™ ANZ is no longer issuing any bank-issued Amex cards. No changes to annual fees. New earn rates: ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to and including $500 per statement period 0.25 Qantas Points per $1...
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    SYD/MEL/BNE to Europe Y return, starting from $1086 (DUB) on BA

    Routing required: SYD/MEL/BNE QF X/SIN CX X/HKG BA X/LHR BA (anywhere bands 1/2/3 europe) BA X/LHR BA X/BKK CX X/SIN QF SYD/MEL/BNE This fare contains a fuel dump so the above specific routing is required to make it work. Stopovers possible in BKK/SIN/HKG (pick two, one in each direction)...
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    AA J SYD - den / ewr / hou / lax / sfo / was

    AA has published a fare that is only available to selected agents for J originating in SYD to any of the following destinations: DEN/EWR/HOU/LAX/SFO/WAS The base fare starts at $4000 AUD + taxes of approx. $200 AUD = approx $4200 all inclusive, for any of the above destinations Travel dates...
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    These are return fares. Must ticket on or before 25 APR 16. 1 month max stay permitted. The PER and SYD return fares are so low that you could use them as a one way ticket back to AU if you can't use the return due to the max stay requirement. Books into (as per permitted routings below): QR R...
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    QR J OSL/ADL 01 May-15 Jun $2800 AUD

    QR J is currently on sale for OSL/ADL. OSL/DOH on a B788 and DOH/ADL on an A359. Travel period is 1st May - 15th June 2016. Plenty of availability. Pricing up as $2800 AUD approx. Sale ends 22 December.
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    QF now using married segments

    As per Latest Qantas News QF is now using married segment logic. The main effect this will have is, if you want to change one flight in a connecting sequence of flights, eg. JFK-LAX-BNE, you now have to rebook from availability for the entire JFK/BNE journey. Up until now it's been possible to...
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    Upper Deck Y A380 now available to all?

    It appears QF is now allowing anyone to pick seats from the upper deck in Y, albeit with a $25 fee for non-status pax: 32A/32B/32D/32G/32J/32K/33F/33G/33J/33K are actually taken and not just blocked.
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    Qf108 jfk-lax

    If you are on QF108 flying JFK-LAX and stopping in LAX, I believe you disembark in TBIT but where would you collect your bag(s), given the baggage carousels are in between immigration and customs?
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    Qantas and China Southern Sign Codeshare Deal

    Qantas and China Southern have signed their first reciprocal codeshare agreement, which will significantly improve travel options for Qantas customers and open up new tourism opportunities for Australia. Under the deal, Qantas customers will be able to book on China Southern services from...