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    North of Frankfurt

    We have managed to score flights to Frankfurt for late Aug 2022 with a return from Milan about 5 weeks later. We have spent a fair bit of time in Southern Germany & Italy previously but this time we may venture north first. We are keen walkers but fine dining and museums are not high priorities...
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    No Cassowary Sightings for Us

    We began planning this trip in Dec 2020. As with most people we didn’t have much confidence that this trip or our Sth Aust adventure (From the Clare Valley to the Yorke Peninsular- a 2 week motorhome meander) would progress as planned. Sth Aust went well and we have now returned from Nth Qld...
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    Driving around Townsville

    Obviously things are a little up in the air at the moment, but we have a trip planned to the Townsville area for late July, early Aug. First up we are visiting Magnetic Island ( have read a couple of handy trip reports) and then have a hire car for 2 weeks. Any general tips for things to see in...
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    From the Clare Valley to the Yorke Peninsular- a 2 week motorhome meander

    Same as everyone we have been going a bit stir crazy at home, but we appreciate that we have had minimal disruption to our retired life in regional NSW. It is 11 years since our last trip in a motorhome but circumstances led us to look at the possibilities. We have some flights available via an...
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    Tripcover-What Happened?

    We are hiring a vehicle next month & have sourced a few quotes for cover. We had received good customer service & liked the policy wording. Today I went to convert a quote to a policy & received the following. We are sorry but due to a change to our terms Tripcover cannot sell you a policy at...
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    Port Macquarie Bicentenary Activities

    I thought there may be some forum members who would be interested in the Air Force Roulettes. There will be a display on 18th April Bicentenary Foreshore Activities - Port Macquarie
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    Mirage A3-44 at Scone

    A little late for the unveiling but there is going to be an ongoing display as Warbird Visitor Attraction A warbird will land at Scone Airport this Saturday February 20 | The Scone Advocate | Scone, NSW
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    FlyPelican [starting NTL-PQQ flights]

    Haven't seen this posted yet FlyPelican spreads wings to Port Macquarie | Newcastle Weekly One day a week, 30 minute flight. Seems like it would be difficult to get going. Only around 2.5 hrs to drive these days
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    Car hire Adelaide

    We are planning on a short driving holiday out of Adelaide in May 2021. Wondering if anyone has good/bad experiences of hiring vehicles in Adelaide that they would like to share. Just the 2 of us-not sure yet whether to hire a car or opt for a motorhome instead. Also open to suggestions for a 2...
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    Fly Pelican Canberra-Port Macquarie

    Story on the local news and article in Executive Traveller FlyPelican to launch Canberra-Port Macquarie flights - Executive Traveller Certainly a bit of a time saver
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    Virtual Tours 101 tours of popular attractions

    With travel restricted I thought people might make use of this link 101+ Virtual Tours of Popular Tourist Attractions [2020]
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    Velocity Booking on SQ 325 June 2020

    Hoping to get some advice as to how members would approach the situation: We are booked on SQ 325 (FRA-SIN) on a Velocity points booking in late June. Singapore Airlines have sent us an email advising that they have moved the flight forward by 2 hrs and are asking us to accept the change. The...
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    Swiss Air Policy/Arrangements

    Received the following as an email today. We have a paid flight booked in mid May The spread of the coronavirus is affecting people’s lives all over the globe. It is having a particularly strong impact on air travel worldwide. In view of the tightened immigration restrictions both in and...
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    Paid Access in BKK

    My mates son will have a 5hr layover in BKK in Feb. Apparently travelling in Y with Thai. I am looking for suggestions for the best paid lounge access for him. I have found a few articles from regular bloggers but thought regular travellers on here might have some insights/opinions
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    Aerial Fire Fighting

    My local area around Port Macquarie has been getting some news exposure over the past few days as out of control fires burnt. I came across some incredible photos when browsing social media and this being an aviation based site I thought members would enjoy the photos. Rich from Richscape...
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    Reflections Tower 2 Coolangatta

    Thought I would write a summary of a 4 night stay we had here last week. The apartments are around a 5 minute drive from the Gold Coast airport. We were staying with another couple so we opted for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment Really enjoyed our stay here 1/ Check-in was no problem-issued 2...
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    Bob Hope & Catalina

    People that have travelled through PQQ previously may have noticed some mentions on Bob Hope and a flying mishap that he had while here. There is a local newspaper article re the 75th anniversary of the incident 75th anniversary of Bob Hope's crash landing in Laurieton | Wauchope Gazette
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    At Residence Hotel Bangkok-Near BKK

    This forms part of my Trip Report Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Austria At Residence Hotel Bangkok Link to their web site at-residence The At Residence Hotel had agreed to an early check-in & early check-out along with a transfer. The ride to the hotel was only 10 min and around 15 min on...
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    Hotel Meier Munich

    Hotel Meier Munich This review is part of my Trip Report here Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Austria Booked using Amex travel voucher from credit card. Great location very close to rail station & plenty of food & drink spots. No early check-in, they were full the previous night. Asked for & given...
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    Apartment Irene Seefeld Austria

    Posting this review as part of my Trip Report that is here Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Austria This apartment is our base for 5 nights & is located on the edge of town-10 min walk to supermarkets, shops pubs and restaurants. Unit 3 is on top floor so 40 or so stairs but a great balcony with...