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    Qantas poster

    Qantas A380 poster in todays Sunday Herald Sun.
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    Bankwest More

    I am looking at the new Bankwest More rewards Card BankWest - BankWest More Rewards there is a classic (1 pt per dollar, capped 150,000 points), gold (1.5 per dollar capped 200,000 pts) and platinum (2 pts per dollar, capped 400,000) i read in the pds...
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    ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Card

    I see ANZ have launched their Qantas ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum Card. Credit Cards & Visa Debit – ANZ Frequent Flyer Visa Their points ratio is the same as the gold, which is disappointing. The only difference is Platinum Privileges and Travel Insurance. Any one want to compare the ANZ...
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    Platinum Promotion

    New Platinum Promotion by Amex, although IMHO the Rewards Maximiser is better since it has uncapped points and fee-free for the first year. SOOIAQ0003_Dior_Campaign - GOLD
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    Earth: No annual fee for 1st year

    earth - Home No annual fee for 1st year Although I would say that the CB Gold Fee Free for life is a better deal. Although the Earth does offer 0.99% for Balance Transfers and the benefit of having an Amex and a Visa. I wonder whether the "double points" will continue after 30 November.
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    AMEX 17,500 points offer

    Just found this banner: Credit Cards - The Qantas American Express Premium Credit Card - American Express Australia
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    Amex Promo

    AMEX are offering $100 credit on card approval for the Qantas American Express card.
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    attn d00t

    "That’s 10,000 more Velocity Points1 if you apply before 21 December 2005, to add to the 5,000 Velocity Points1 already on offer, if you apply before 31 January 2006. Giving you more than enough Points to fly to a range of fantastic destinations!" It says if you apply before 21 December...
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    The credit card is here.,,74895,00.html No annual fee for first year 5000 bonus points Choose from Amex: $1 = 1 point ($150 a year after 1st year) Visa: $2 = 1 point ($65 a year after 1st year) Hmmm, it seems you can only have one or the other. Would have been...
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    No annual fee But the Amex Rewards Maximiser/Platinum CC still give 1.5 points.... so Diners is not really attractive.
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    Airport Transfer

    Can anyone recommend an Airport Transfer Company from Brighton to Tullamarine airport. Thanks
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    card protections, offered free with the CBA Gold or Platinum CC cards...... I use this currently as I have a CBA Platinum CC. is the cheapest if you're paying for the membership and offers "unlimited" amounts of goods to be protected. (but...
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    No annual fee for 1st year Enjoy :)