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    APIS information on partner airlines in oneworld award

    I have booked a oneworld award next year travelling to Japan, Spain and UK. Qantas points booking but flights on JAL Iberia and BA. I have used the Qantas website to enter APIS passport and DOB information. The wording on the website implies that this information is merely to save time at the...
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    Newcastle airport storm damage - flights cancelled and diverted

    It seems Newcastle airport terminal was inundated by a storm this afternoon and the terminal has been closed. Rumour has it that the damage is quite extensive but time will tell. Media alert: 17 April 2016
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    Hi from long-time lurker

    I thought I had better finally respond to the polite invitation which greets me whenever I visit this site and post a message. Thank you to all the contributors whose advice I have found very useful. I have learnt lots of useful stuff about seat selection, connections, PNRs, but most useful was...