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    Special promotion to join QF Club.

    Received an email from QF Club offering discounted membership for $725 for 1 year, $994 for 2 years and $1349 for 4 years. Seems even a better deal than getting one with corporate rates which I currently have.
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    CNS - SYD to earn maximun status credits

    Hi, Will be flying biz CNS-SYD in the coming week. Need to maximize status credits. I have looked at CNS-BNE-SYD and CNS-MEL-SYD but both come to 100 credits (60 + 40). Cost - $950 I have also looked at CNS - TSV/HMI - MEL - SYD but that does not fare much better, considering price-points...
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    Where to book a flight for a domestic sector on international flight?

    Hi, I've been away for a while, mostly flying domestically. Recently, I have been unable to book seats on international flights for domestic sectors, like a QF flight landing in SYD and continuing on to MEL, JQ from NRT/KIX-CNS-SYD etc. The obvious reason for this is that such biz seats go for...