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    Etihad Seating

    Can those of you familiar with EF explain the seat map on a couple of upcoming flights please? We're flying J on EY473 SIN-AUH 07MAR20, and later EY75 AUH-MAD 13MAR20, and both flights look pretty empty. Something I haven't seen before though is in Y on both flights, a large number of the...
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    Dress Standards in Abu Dhabi?

    Have tried the Search button for this with no luck, will be carrying the bags for Mrs Franky next week to a Nursing conference in AUH. There for 4 days. Whilst I'm roaming the city in my spare time, what is the dress standard? Long trousers required for out and about tourist stuff...
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    MCT at Changi Airport

    Good afternoon AFFers - we're booked out of SIN on EY473 at 1925 in J on Saturday 07MAR20. My wife's employer has her booked into Singapore the whole of the week prior, and I am booked to fly up from Perth on the Wednesday, so MCT was not an issue for either of us. There is now some doubt that...
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    Camino Trail

    My daughter is a history lecturer at Notre Dame Uni in Fremantle. Her speciality is Spanish history and she is considering taking about half a dozen of her post-grad students part of the way on the Camino Trail in September. She has early plans to do a part of the beginning of the trail on the...
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    Private Taxi or SCV in Sydney?

    My wife and three Nursing colleagues are flying to Sydney this weekend as a pair, and two single journeys. They all need to get to their accommodation in Darling Point for a conference until the following Wednesday, then all will depart independently back home. Can anyone recommend a private...
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    Car rental good story.

    This may better belong in the Travel Tips section, but I believe it is deserving of a much wider distribution. In June this year, I took half a dozen mates on a tour of the Somme, and booked a van way back in August 17 thru an aggregator called Vehicle Rent. During the booking process I had a...
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    Very Large Fire Fighting Tankers

    Not used to doing this, hope the link sticks. These aircraft would have been well used in Qld in recent days..
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    Gift vouchers - how do I buy and book?

    Hvr - I haven't used a GV before, but am intending to do so, could you please advise what different search engines I would need in addition to the usual ones? TIA Franky
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    Customs in Indonesia

    Good morning all, am about to carry the bags for my wife who is attending a Nursing Conference in Bogor, just outside Jakarta. It seems anything goes as far as dress in Bali is concerned, however expect things might be different in Bogor. Is it OK wearing shorts and casual tops, or are long...
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    Ferries in and around Adriatic Coasts

    Mrs Franky is attending a Nursing Conference in Florence late September, and I'm the designated bag carrier again. We have had our eye on late availablity for a European river cruise o/c, but have a limited window of 30SEP-10OCT, and then start our trip home from Munich. By chance, we watched...
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    Emirates/Qantas code share

    Hope this is the right box to ask this question - Mrs Franky is a OW Emerald and needs to fly MLB-DXB-MAD-DXB-PER on 06OCT15. ExpertFlyer flight availability shows the flights are designated as QF with EK next in brackets. (Flights QF8407,8141,8142 and 8420). Despite being asked to ensure...