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  1. MadFairlane

    The view from my "office"

    re: The view from my "office" Living vicarously through others....
  2. MadFairlane

    What questions would you like answers for at the QF Loyalty Lunch

    Why can't I access the F lounge with my VA Plat card? But on topic, the ASA question I think is at the front of everyones thoughts.
  3. MadFairlane

    Flying on your birthday?

    Coming back from NAN next thursday on my B'day... but not expecting anything. Actually hoping for an op-up (even though its only PE) on the way over ex BNE on sat. VA stats show every bucket booked...
  4. MadFairlane

    Best Way to Spend my 500K of Altitude Points

    Toaster?... :lol:
  5. MadFairlane

    Sin City and Beach Loving

    I loved our HC trip when we went last year... It was amazing. The wife, not so much, considering her fear of heights she spent most of the flight with her eyes closed or in tears. At least she went though...:)
  6. MadFairlane

    Super serious, non-serious question... About Golf...

    Ended up going with a Maxfli, padded, wheeled bag... Weighed it yesterday with the clubs/bag in the travel bag and it was only 13kg... Seems pretty good...
  7. MadFairlane

    How many points do you earn from your CC spend on average per month?

    15k +/month average, on Commbank Diamond cards - The Amex helps the earn and then just slide them across to Velocity when there is a bonus scheme on. Probably not the greatest earner, but it suits me fine. Edit: my maths is not the best... Its closer to 20k average... but thats running my card...
  8. MadFairlane

    Super serious, non-serious question... About Golf...

    So, planning on a golfing adventure with a mate in about 6 weeks time and have been looking at golf travel bags. Any suggestions from resident travelling golfers? Should I go with a hard or soft case? Personal recommendations? So far I am liking a soft case from Maxfli, which will hold my...
  9. MadFairlane

    What do you want from Business Class seats on Virgin?

    Keen, but have an Auction to go to tomorrow night... Pending the results from that will decide if I still fly J anymore lol
  10. MadFairlane

    Funny things overheard on a plane take 2

    Best I heard was on my flight back from PER the other day on VA J. It was a constant stream of "ahh bugger" or "ah *insert expletive here* as people realised it was the retro A330 :lol:
  11. MadFairlane

    On board recognition - who gets any?

    Just got home from my PER -BNE in J... Great service compared to my trip over a couple weeks back... Got the retro plane though for the first time but that hard product sucks... A lot
  12. MadFairlane

    Do single men in their 30's really get the most upgrades?

    I've discovered my problem. Im only 28...
  13. MadFairlane

    Fog in SYD

    Is it just arrivals that are the issue? I assume they are getting them off the ground ok
  14. MadFairlane

    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Not sure if I should have the LM Lamb on Friday now... decisions decisions.
  15. MadFairlane

    taxis and credit cards

    Got a decent suggestion for here in PER...
  16. MadFairlane

    On board recognition - who gets any?

    Sent feedback in this morning, hopefully they can review the situation for the better. Regards,
  17. MadFairlane

    On board recognition - who gets any?

    Had an interesting experience on my BNE - PER service today. Was full fare J. Booked late last week. No recognition on boarding, no CSM introduction, even though she greeted every other pax in the cabin. FA continually got my name wrong even after being corrected, he finally just ended up...
  18. MadFairlane

    Made any travel mistakes lately?

    Not sleeping before my flight to the USA routing (BNE-MEL-LAX-MCO all in one hit) Figured since I was up till midnight I just wouldnt go to bed and would sleep on the plane... Didn't sleep a wink, 36+ hours awake wasnt fun at all...
  19. MadFairlane

    Quick Question Re: VA arrival into PER

    Thanks all, I thought it was the same one still...
  20. MadFairlane

    Quick Question Re: VA arrival into PER

    Evening all, Back to PER on Monday, haven't been since jan... Which terminal is VA using now? Will be on the A330 service from BNE. Just so I can let my colleagues know where to pick me up from. Thanks MadFairlane