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    Should there be a dress code when flying

    On the extraordinarily rare occasions when I fly overseas it's straight on with the moccasins once we get airborne. The deal nicely with swelling feet and keep 'em warm if the plane's too cold.
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    Trying to understand frequent Flyer points

    For some reason it may depend on the Oneworld airline providing the service. Last Oct I was investigating options for using FF points to fly from New York (JFK) to Hamburg. I ended up flying BA, which took only 30,000 points. But if I'd flown with AA it would have cost about 50-60,000 points...
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    lhr ck in business counter

    Agreed - I used the check-in kiosk at LHR last week and the bag drop queue was quicker than the Business check-in queue (boo - reduced my opportunity to flash the gold FF card!) More to come in my upcoming trip report...
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    US Domestic on-board "Food for purchase"

    The family and I will shortly be holidaying through the US, including flights from SFO to Orlando and JFK to LAX (on United and American Airlines). We note that on these flights there will be food available for purchase. Does anyone know how good/bad/indifferent this airline food is? We'll...
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    Reasons to be cheerful in LHR

    Ha ha (shouldn't laugh - I could be in that in 2 months) - it looks like it stretches from T1 to T4 and back again....
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    Longest Non-Stop Regularly-Scheduled Flight?

    Does anyone know which is the longest non-stop regularly-scheduled flight in the world? I was looking at the Qantas international network map in the back of the Qantas in-flight magazine and noticed that its longest non-stop flight is MEL-LAX, which clocks in at 12,749 km (without much to look...
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    New York - Midtown a good place to stay?

    Re. car rental locations, there are plenty in and around NYC - I suggest that you check the Hertz (and other) websites to see if they have interactive maps that plot the locations of their depots (or get the addresses from their sites and find them on Google Maps). We're staying in NYC in July...
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    QF International Economy - Plugs & Masks?

    On the other hand, I might do my usual thing and drift off to sleep listening to a heavy metal CD on my walkman - that will kill without mercy any other sounds!!
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    QF International Economy - Plugs & Masks?

    Will have to plug ears with loo paper!!!!!
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    Taking prescription drugs into the US

    Does anyone know what sorts of hoops we have to jump through when taking small personal amounts of prescription drugs thru US customs? The relevant US website talks about having to declare such items. We'll be taking in some fairly innocuous stuff (blood pressure tablets, sleeping tablets so...
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    QF International Economy - Plugs & Masks?

    It's a couple of years since I've flown Qantas international economy - do they still supply ear plugs and eye masks to help with our sleepy-byes? The family and I will be travelling MEL-LAX and I want the kiddies to sleep their heads off. Every little bit helps... (I note from another...
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    British Airways checked baggage policy from Feb 13

    Update on this - I called BA's Australian enquiries number and they confirmed that the 32kg/per item limit will be allowed until 30 Sept 07.
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    Using Aussie mobile phones in the US

    The family and I will be travelling in the US for a month in July and I've been told that, rather than using international roaming for my mobile in the US (I'm a Telstra mobile customer), it would be cheaper to get a prepaid US phone account (presumably by buying a new SIM for the prepaid...
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    British Airways checked baggage policy from Feb 13

    I note on the BA website that even though their 23kg limit per bag policy for checked baggage commenced on 13 Feb 07, BA say(British Airways - New simpler baggage policy) : "To allow our customers to become familiar with our new baggage policy and weight limitations, we will continue to accept...
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    Voltage Converters for US Travel

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what, if any, voltage converters are good for using Aussie 240 volt appliances in the US? And what's the cheapest option? We're just checking to see if we need them for things like re-charging mobile phones, rechargable camera batteries, kids' gamboys, etc.
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    Overhead Lockers at back of 747s

    I'm looking at trying to snare a seat down the back of a Qantas 747-400 for a LHR-SYD flight later this year, in particular a seat in the "pairs" of seats down where the fuselage tapers in. Does anyone know if there is any limit on the overhead storage locker space down there? I'm aware that...
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    Best way to book an AA (US dom) flight?

    Thanks Mal - now it makes sense.
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    Best way to book an AA (US dom) flight?

    Hello all - my first post here. Hooray. Re. booking an AA (US dom) flight, maybe I'm missing something - last night I booked my family AA tix one way from New York to LA on Expedia. Only about $A270 each. Paid for on Amex (so more FF points too). Am I the only poster here who's used Expedia...