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  1. Jacques Vert

    Coles gift card offers

    I'm wondering about the "limit of 5" which comes up from time to time. I've always kept my purchases of Coles cards to 5 at a time so have never been questioned. But what is the official position? Is it 5 per person per card (under threat of excommunication), is it 5 per store, is it 5 per...
  2. Jacques Vert

    Coles gift card offers

    Sounds like someone has hidden them, either in the cupboard or behind other cards; so that they can grab a bunch as soon as they go on sale. Someone at my local store does this whenever these promotions come around. And no, it's not me!
  3. Jacques Vert

    Australian state border restrictions

    I worked in FNQ many years ago and you weren't considered a local unless your grandparents were buried in the local cemetary.
  4. Jacques Vert

    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    Yes, or have two computers on the go at the same time, or ring the call centre (assuming you have plenty of time). At least changes/cancellations are free at present so not all is lost if something goes wrong.
  5. Jacques Vert

    You can leave Australia from November, but can you get back?

    But you get this error: Journeys with origins in multiple countries are not supported. Start New Search
  6. Jacques Vert

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Points expiring in March '22 have been extended to Sept '22: Currently the earliest expiries are in April '22.
  7. Jacques Vert

    Australian state border restrictions

    I think cases will continue to drop, if only because poeple will stop gettng tested once most people are double vaxed.
  8. Jacques Vert

    Europe summer

    Yes, but I fear that will soon come to an end.
  9. Jacques Vert

    Europe summer

    A few years ago I switched to saving SQ miles but their silly 3 year hard expiry sent me back to QF as soon as the pandemic hit. If only they would change that policy.....
  10. Jacques Vert

    Melbourne to Sydney by overnight XPT train

    Perhaps they should go back to terminating at Soufh Brisbane. I'd prefer to arrive in South Brisbane in the middle of the day rather than Roma street at 0400ish.
  11. Jacques Vert

    Melbourne to Sydney by overnight XPT train

    Here's the XPT at Roma Street showing the shared dual guage track.
  12. Jacques Vert

    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    So who was the first member to predict November 2021?
  13. Jacques Vert

    50SC on offer with BP

    Didn't the promotion end yesterday?
  14. Jacques Vert

    Free Lounge Pass expiring 2 Oct '21

    This pass is still available if anyone wants it.
  15. Jacques Vert

    Covid Travel Insurance?

    In regard to when to take the insurance, for an annual multi-trip, the answer partly depends on what you have pre-paid and whether you can get a refund/credit for amounts you have paid. If you are not at risk of loosing any $, then no need to purchase the insurance at this stage. However, once...
  16. Jacques Vert

    50SC on offer with BP

    Given the lockdowns in NSW and closed borders, I've hardly been anywhere and have found I've used very little fuel. Given there are only 4 days to go I won't make the 5 x $50 unless I buy stuff other than fuel. I would have hoped that BP would extend this offer as there must be others in a...
  17. Jacques Vert

    Future of QF27/28 travel post covid

    However, if they want to host international students from China then they will have to recognise Sinovac.
  18. Jacques Vert

    How to join British Airways exec club from Australia?

    And a significant drop in the population of Austria.:rolleyes:
  19. Jacques Vert

    Changes to Qantas search tool and points redemption?

    I've flown JL and would have no hesitation to fly with them again; a very nice experience.
  20. Jacques Vert

    How to join British Airways exec club from Australia?

    I've changed my address to Coffs Harbour and added my scottish title so the BA site now addresses me as Lord J... Looks good; can't wait to see the reaction when it appears on my next BA boarding pass.