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  1. Revolio

    oz currency and the 5 cent piece dinosaurs

    Just made a purchase in a New World supermarket in Auckland and a young lady brought this Aussie up to date. NZ got rid of their 5c pieces a while ago (I missed it), just a matter of time before Oz follows suit? (they've had 15% GST also for a while now; I'm sure the current govt would love to...
  2. Revolio

    Canberra bias

    Just reading the Canberra Times - VA banner ad up the top: 'Melbourne to Canberra $169' & 'Melbourne to Cairns $165'. With this in mind just stare at an Australian map for a while. It's a long long long way up to FNQ. But as the saying goes up north, 'there's two ends to a pineapple'. I know...
  3. Revolio

    Pullman International Cairns

    Question for anyone who has stayed recently - does it have a Club/Exec lounge? Looking through the relevant threads, the closest I could get was - under "Le Club Exec Lounges- where can you get in?", qwerty123456 on 16JUN14 said it was under construction. Their website reveals nothing, has...
  4. Revolio

    Best sim option for coughet?

    Travelling next week, staying 5 nights near Patong. Unlocked phone. Advice needed - best place to buy a temp sim from? At airport? (don't wish to use current Telstra Australian sim over there) Suggestions appreciated.
  5. Revolio

    Rydges post-Easter sale?

    Well they didn't do their usual (ish) January sale in 2015, so maybe one is on the horizon? Bit of a lull in the week or so after Easter, so maybe the time is right? But you never really know with AHL.
  6. Revolio

    France Rail Pass discount

    Just in case anyone is flying over to France, this may well help a little. Purchase from - enter promo code MAPFRP15 to receive $15 OFF France Rail Pass bookings of $200 AUD or more. Valid until 16.10.2015.
  7. Revolio

    Marchants or Tarax?

    (directed to the Victorians out there of senior vintage) - Armstrong steps on the moon - which lemonade were you drinking at the time? Was it Marchants jingle " spark-a-lark-a-lark-a-lark-a-ling, just say Marchants, please!" or was it Tarax's "hi-bubble, hi-bubble, hi-bubble, hi-bubble lemonade...
  8. Revolio

    Security bias (or the perception of such)

    Since I have been gathering statistics on this I get pulled over a very very high percentage of the time (currently just under 98%) at the Virgin airport security points in the major Oz capital cities. In this politically correct environment in which we live, all you can do is broadcast your...
  9. Revolio

    Free MEL one day Airport Parking

    Page 14 of today's Melb Herald-Sun offers a coupon from Code: HFRDY. "1 day free No minimum stay". Expires 4/1. Travel completed by 24/4. ( I assume they have crossed US and AUS date formats in there) Must be booked online. Might help someone.
  10. Revolio

    My Virgin Gold experience

    Greetings fellow frequent flyers, I'm looking for answers, (This is my maiden post so please make an allowance for the War & Peace volume it has ended up) I flew Bris-Melb last Monday morning. Booths 1, 2 & 3 ofPriority Check-in were engaged; I was next, but only one in the queue. (*something...