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    Is Award seating This aggressive?

    1. 330 days from mid June means you should start looking in mid July this year. 2. Generally reward seats can be released at any time, from my personal history (don't quote me on it) there are generally also a decent amount of reward seats that show up on EK metal around 1 week to 1 month out...
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    Incorrect information you've been given by Qantas Contact Centre

    Maybe a small issue from hindsight as Im sure it will be far an fewer, however, I wanted to change one of my reward flights MEL-DXB-MUC J to DXB then F to MUC(EK codeshared obviously). I had purchased this ticket with points, despite having written terms and conditions proving otherwise AND the...
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Another thing to note is given an order of up to 12 aircraft I assume this really only leaves qantas with the ability to select one destination other than LHR and JFK. Assuming flights from both SYD + MEL, each route would require two planes daily meaning that only one of...
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Suggesting an order of 12 A350's might mean they're looking even further into the future (e.g around 2030). There are rumours of an A350neo coming out in the late 2020s (with some delays probably around early 2030's when qantas would retire their a380s). This would allow basically a one for one...
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Conflicting info from me on Sunday in MEL, no priority boarding, both lanes let through at the same time.
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    Qantas doesn't care about priority boarding

    Another data point, HBA this past Friday. Priority boarding went through both scanners as regular boarding was taped off so I had to wait with my fellow "great unwashed" ;)
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    Economy vs Premium Meals

    Generally from what I've seen personally (same routes over a few days in mixed cabins) + some online flight reviews, there's atleast 1 or 2 economy meals that are the exact same as the Y+ meals... despite all the Qantas marketing saying how much better their product is. Having the same meal in...
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    Does the QF designation depend on the booking agency?

    Life time platinum here I come! ;)
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    Qantas Status Credits Bonus Offers

    I haven't received any bonus status offers until today, the 50% bonus on in Y+ or above... too bad I already got my ticket not that long ago :(
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    Qantas Restaurants is back!

    Received mine aswell
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Wondering if there's anyway to sign up to red planet as there doesn't seem to be a portal on their website?
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    Qantas Restaurants is back!

    Anyone else had an issue with points crediting? I made a booking for 4 on the 16th and still haven't received the points... In T&C's it claims u to 7 days.
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Just to put it out there, in the last few weeks the question has gone from Boeing vs Airbus to a "YES-NO" (is it financially viable). It might be a wild thought but perhaps Qantas could argue, if it's not economically right that they'll wait for the next gen aircraft? e.g a350neo (predicted in...
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    EK Awards not showing at the moment

    Just checked FRA-MEL for the next month, about a week from now there are F seats available. Generally for the next 3 weeks, theres reward seats on almost every day in Y, J and F. However, it does seem that there is perhaps a bit less F ability as I've notice seats that were very last minute...
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Problem is if Qantas choose the A350 and go with 3 rows of F in 1-2-1, the space in the forward cabin only allows for one extra row of business class seats. Meaning they'd probably have to trim Y+ to 4-5 rows meaning a total pax of ~275.
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Fair enough I thought I read somewhere that they said 300+ is now unlikely but I might be mistaken.
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    Project Sunrise: A350 or 777X?

    Think it will be interesting to see, I've long thought they'd go with the A350-1000 ULR but if Boeing can sweeten the deal maybe it'll push the 777x over the line. I made a potential design of what the seatmap could look like on the A350-1000 ULR - goes without saying forgive me bad photoshop...
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    What is a shadow ? (Qantas )

    Logical that it seems to be mostly for P1/WP. When I was SG I never had one, however, this year I slipped down to Silver but have noticed I've had it more often. Even on a recent flight to NRT the flight was full in Y (minus 3-4 seats I counted) and when I checked EF before the flight I had the...
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    Points Count [How many do you have?]

    Just snagged a one way F to europe during christmas/new year period as QF Silver, so currently dropped down to around 6,000 points... Will be first time in F so hoping it'll be worth the extra ~ 65k points over J.