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    Westpac Altitude 50,000 QFF points ($150 annual fee - waived for existing customers)

    Re: Westpac Altitude 50,000 QFF points ($150 annual fee - waived for existing cus... Also be aware, points cap at 2,500 per statement for QFF.
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    MEL-USM price drop thoughts

    It's the flight from *wherever* to USM that's the expensive part... so whilst getting to KL, BKK, or SIN is relatively inexpensive the flight to USM adds lots of $$ and then the hassle of non-airline organised connecting flights or stayovers. Saw a price of $989 on Tues so was tempting but...
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    MEL-USM price drop thoughts

    I had a look at a variety of options but found the connecting flights of those other than BKK were close and likely meant an overnight stay. Would save a couple hundred dollars each but didn't think worth the hassle. Getting to BKK was most convenient with Jet* so this may be my option with...
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    MEL-USM price drop thoughts

    As of yesterday I could see 11/7/2014 to 18/7/2014 MEL-USM flights with MH for around $1,350. Today they jumped to around $1,600. Can I ask from members experience the chance of the price coming back down, or, anyway to get this lower cost fare now? Thanks in advance.
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    Qantas CU - Platinum Visa

    Re: Check you statement for correct points given. 1 point per $1 spent. I'm in this same boat.... did you follow up?? Any update? Thanks.
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    HSBC QF Platinum - 20K points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee [extended] to 30/06/12

    Re: HSBC Qantas Platinum - 20,000 points (+2 QP passes) - $199 Annual Fee until 31/03 Can the OP please change thread title for a revised expiry date? I know this is merely my laziness but I almost overlooked this thread as the titled stated a 31/03 expiry. Just had a look at the HSBC link...
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    Citibank Qantas Rewards Program going to $2 = 1 point

    Has anyone actually enquired to see if this is legal for Citibank to do this? No other card (that I have previously used at least, nor many that I have recently investigated) did I have to pay IN ADDITION to accrue for QFF points yet here I pay $49 for Citi and then have them change the...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    I too just now confirmed by phone... they told me I was enrolled on the QFF rewards as at 15 July (which is correct date that I called to Opt-In) and the lady confirmed my QFF number. Usual story that she would send the rewards login problem to her manager to escalate. We shall see how it...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    WOW! Outage for a week, so who knows when it'll be back on line... That's crazy! I need to cancel another card so as to credit their annual card fee, and I need to pay bills!!! What to do?? I agree with Cove that I need to confirm my status.... do you think if I call the Citi Service Centre...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    I'm going through the steps to ensure my 60K points are credited to my QFF but when I select "Search Rewards" to see if I'm enrolled in QFF programme the site tells me: "We are unable to process your request. Please contact Citi Card Customer Care." I called Citibank and they did say they were...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    It's one OR the other.... 1.25 points for each dollar spend (domestic) and 3 points for each dollar spent internationally OR 1 QFF point for each dollar spend By default you are on the first option unless you OPT-IN to Citi Qantas Rewards programme and pay an additional $49. Once you OPT-IN...
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    Citibank Plat VISA 60 K , May 31

    Isn't the 50K points also mean $250 for the card + $49 for QFF opt in? The reason I opted for the 60K points is the $125 offer as well. Here's hoping all goes through to my QFF if I do everything in the correct order.
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    Kuala Lumpur Hotels - Recommendations

    I've recently booked a trip to KL using AirAsia for mid-late August. I booked Hotel Istana for A$97 per night including breakfast via Price includes all taxes and fees ($77 per night without the additional fees). also gives the same rate. Never been there before but...
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    Travel Insurance that covers for airlines changing schedules?

    I don't think that's accurate.... In the PDS you link 1.2 WE WILL NOT PAY f] Delays or rescheduling by a bus line, airline, shipping line or rail authority. h] The mechanical breakdown of any means of transport.
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    Group bookings discount?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if group discounts on domestic travel (MEL->SYD) are available? If so, what is the discount and minimum number of people to be classified as a "group". Thanks.
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    Money Overseas - ATM, Trav Cheques or VISA

    I'm curious as to what you base this on? The Wizard Clear Advantage that I used overseas didn't charge me any fees from ANY bank that I used overseas in Japan, Spain, and US. They also gave me an extraordinary exchange rate that was very surpising. I had to use my Commonwealth card on the...
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    Money Overseas - ATM, Trav Cheques or VISA

    Sorry to bring up an old topic but it's relevant to me as I will soon be travelling. Last time I travelled was a few years ago and always used ATM's as I believed they provided the best exhange rate and I used to only pay $4 per withdrawal...well, things seem to have changed. CBA now seems to...
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    Me travelling J class, lounge access for guest

    I will soon be travelling NRT-HKG, 3 hour wait, then HKG-LHR - all on CX Business Class (U - I think that's the code for Business Class via award redemption). One of my friends will be on the same flights but travelling on paid Economy Class. From reading various posts on this forum I believe...
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    Redeem QF points on Alaska Airlines

    When I first started looking at doing some travel, a travel agent started looking and noticed a flight on Alaska Airlines and said "but that's a no, no" and kept looking. I asked another travel agent and she said it's not a recommended airline. Don't know the reasons, nor how true this is, but...
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    What a dilemna!

    Thankyou for the suggestions. NRT is a stopover for me, HKG just a transit to get to Europe. I started looking for alternatives as described that same night (apart from the Qantas website being down for 4.5 hours). I'm glad I did some research of available flights and possibilities before...