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    Qantas Club Pass - Mark III (One to give away)

    Hi all, In honor of my soon to lapse QF PS status, I have a QP Pass valid till the end of this month (exp Oct 2008) for anyone who wants it. Please be aware that it's currently located in the Bay Area of Northern California, so Southern Hemisphere folks have to figure in about 10days for US...
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    Suggestions for things to do in Barbados?

    Hi all, owing to the super generous leave policy of my US employer, I finally get a *whole week off* to go somewhere. So starting Monday, we're off to the Caribbean so I can see the 3rd test in Bridgetown and the better half can do some sightseeing. Which leads to my dilemma. Due to work...
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    New DJ E190 on the way?

    I was driving past SJC yesterday and I saw a DJ E190 over near the side where the private jets usually park. Only got a glimpse of it (having to concentrate on driving and all :-), but I assume it was on a delivery flight from Brazil. Anyone know more? I never really thought about it before...
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    Very interesting interview with the head of the TSA.

    Now that I actually live in the LOTFAP, I pay more attention to the things I previously shrugged my shoulders about. #2 on the list is airport security and how the TSA is a more bureaucratic mess than even Terry Gilliam could have imagined. (aside: there is an ad for the BBC's "Yes Minister"...
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    From the City of Churches to a weekend in SIN.

    Hi all, last week I had to travel to SIN from ADL for a weekend. Luckily it was in J on SQ so I got to experience the Silver Kris lounge in ADL and SIN. I'm sure there enough people who fly J on SIN, so I'll focus more on the hotel and lounge parts. Flights: SQ 269 to SIN, SQ268 to ADL (both...
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    Best place for SQ points? *A status?

    Hi all, I have to fly to SIN this weekend on SQ from ADL. For various reasons I have a J seat there and a Y one back (then straight back to work <sigh>). Not having flown *A since AN went bellyup, I'm a little put of touch with how *A works compared to OW. Based on what I've read, UA is the...