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  1. acampbel

    Status-runs? We ain't got no status-runs. We don't need no stinking status-runs!

    I will, however, admit to a couple of "starclass-runs" which were of immense help! The $64 question is :- "As an ex QC/Silver - will I notice the difference?" [Apart from the complimentary QC ... which will come in handy now that my company has dropped their corporate scheme]. Cheers...
  2. acampbel

    Qantas cancels SYD/LAX service

    Today I found out that the Sunday QF149 flight has been canned for the next month or so .... probably due to low loads. This in itself is not a bad thing as QF107 departs daily at 10:20, and I still would make my connecting flight to Houston this coming Sunday. No .... the bad thing is that...
  3. acampbel

    What defines a near miss?

    Flew out of Sydney last Wednesday on the 9am Virgin flight to Brisbane. It was a beautiful morning and shortly after take-off we had a great view of the CBD, Opera House, Harbour Bridge ..... and then a Rex flight on approach to the airport. I know aircraft often seem closer than they really...
  4. acampbel

    MH or JQ?

    Have to do SYD-KUL-SYD next week. Have the options of Malaysia or Jetstar. I would go for the former but the latter only have Starclass on the way over (though it will be a JetSaver on the way back). Timetables and fares are much of a muchness, so which would you choose? Cheers, Andrew .
  5. acampbel

    Beware the DragoNZ

    Had a very average experience in NZ last week. Myself and a few colleagues were on a dash around ANZ (4 cities in 4 days), and were scheduled to fly Auckland to Wellington at 8:30am. After the usual kerfuffle of trying to get 3 people checked out and ready, we departed for the Airport at...
  6. acampbel

    Heathrow Terminal 5

    Couldn't see a thread about this so let me be the first (?) to start. I'm booked to go through Heathrow next year on the way to Scotland, and as usual it was a poop-fight to get 2 award flights and 2 fares coordinated. I had almost got the flights out sorted when there was a problem with the...
  7. acampbel

    Professor Fels, where art thou?

    Soooo..... I try to book a couple of economy award flights for September next year, and on the day the award date opens for the outward leg .... there are no available seats. Not even a dodgy One World routing via Tokyo or Frankfurt. Just no seats. Why is this so? No, seriously - how...
  8. acampbel

    Dark Star

    After all my pontificating I nearly turned to the dark side today, and feel I should purge my soul by telling you all about it. I was trying to book a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, so I made a start by checking out the options on before I called up the TA. No dice there as...
  9. acampbel

    Last point activity

    After a disturbing thought crossed my mind on the weekend I raided the wife's purse and dragged out her QFF (Bronze) card. She had thoughtfully written her PIN on it so a few minutes later I breathed a sigh of relief after seeing the words :- Last point activity - Oct 2004 I almost panicked...
  10. acampbel

    "The Lounge" Meetings

    Due to the late notice and BFOD policy, I will be taking the bright red ones from Sydney to Melbourne (and return) on the 10th. My flights are 07:15 out and 18:15 back, so if anyone will be in The Lounge about an hour before these times and is in need of company then leave a note here...
  11. acampbel

    Sydney to Houston - To AA or not to AA?

    I have a Houston trip coming up in April and was checking out the options with a mind to maximising miles/SCs and minimising hassle, but it seems an impossible task. The most direct route is QF73 to San Fran and then CO to Houston, but I can take QF107 to LAX and then skip through DFW with AA...
  12. acampbel

    Qantas Club - CIB

    What is CIB? Complimentary Invitation Bartering. I am just thinking aloud here, but I am sure that many QC members find themselves in possession of an unwanted QCCI but as soon as it expires they invariably have need of one. My travel tends to be solo 90% of the time, with another 9% taken...
  13. acampbel

    Stranded far from home

    I had a day trip to Brisbane yesterday .... or at least that was the plan. Up at sparrow's fart to catch QF502, which was chockers. After taking off they announced that catering was a bit short, but I near enough to the front to get a hot breakfast and my conscience stopped me from grabbing a...
  14. acampbel

    Qantas Club free pass?

    I know that the majority of forum contributers are Qantas Club members or have some sort of lounge access, but those who don't might be even more appreciative of a quiet drink away from the madding crowd. Whether this is desirable in general or breaches some Qantas regulation is a point for...
  15. acampbel

    Sydney to Tel Aviv detour

    As Phil would say :- A detour is a choice between two options - each with its pros and cons. In detour #1 you can take QF1 at 17:00 Saturday, arriving in LHR at 07:00 Sunday. After wasting the day in the lounge, you then need to take LY316 at 15:35 to Tel Aviv, arrving at 22:10 Sunday. In...
  16. acampbel

    QF, BA, FR - the biannual family tour

    A bit slow getting this down so some of the details may have blurred ... Thursday 30th March, QF1 SYD to LHR via BKK Kept the heaviest bag down to 27kg this time, so no feverish re-packing at the check-in counter. In fact the CIC commented that we were traveling quite light for a family...