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    Happy AAdvantage vs. QF stinginess

    Using AAdvantage miles have happily booked a multi trip MEL-ZAG and return AMS-MEL in September/October for a holiday. Got the return leg this morning. It "cost" 85,000 miles and US$54 taxes in business class flying a fast 22 hour trip on Etihad. As an exercise in futility, I cross-checked...
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    Summary of reduction in QFF "earn and burn" benefits?

    Hi All, a long time since I last posted. Just now I was checking my QFF status credits because a loyalty bonus is due, having hit 500 credits today. I noticed in the "fine print" that ..."from 1 July 2013, only Status credits earned from flights with a QF flight number (including partner airline...
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    Free Hotel Lounges in Japan

    Slightly off-topic is the parallel to airport lounges - hotel lounges. Wanted to mention to all FF'ers traveling to Japan that most Japanese hotel chains offer 'club lounges' to guests. Always free, it is just necessary to sign up, just once for each chain. Access is available irrespective of...
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    Longest "Single flight number" trip - what's your

    Last week I took QF108 from JFK to SYD, boarding on Sunday 12th Feb. With a snow storm in New York, boarding was delayed till 11pm on the 12th. We got off in Sydney at 16:45 on Wednesday 15th. By my math, and allowing for time zones, the single flight number QF108 took approx 65 hours, from...