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  1. Jousams

    Altitude points transfer delays

    On Monday I made a transfer from altitude to my KrisFlyer account, the email they sent me said it would be 3 business days, it’s now been 4. Does anyone have any recent experiences with the timeframes for altitude transfers?
  2. Jousams

    QantasLink boarding times & closure

    thanks to the recent status fast track I’m a new qantas flyer. I’m chronically late, all the time, and was pretty across the absolute latest I could make a flight on VA. I’ve got a QantasLink flight from Sydney tomorrow, departing at 5:10pm and will be pushing it with my arrival to the airport...
  3. Jousams

    Increased referral bonus just for me?

    So my amex referral bonus has been bumped up to 70k. Few other people I’ve spoken to who also have a plat charge have not received the offfer. Anyone else here?
  4. Jousams

    LAX early checkin

    Hi all Am flying LAX-SYD on VA 2 tomorrow in J. I understand checkin opens 3 hours prior to dearture at 11:15pm however I will be at LAX at about 6:30pm. The BNE flight is leaving at 9:45pm, so I assume the checkin will be physically open at 6:45. Does anyone know if VA will let me checkin...
  5. Jousams

    Poor IHG account security

    So I've been dealing with IHG over the last few days relating to an unauthorised redemption on my account. The redemption was 10000 points to a British airways avois account in 'my name'. After doing a bit of digging on the website, I found out that FF point redemptions require contact to IHG...
  6. Jousams

    SQ 218 Lounge Options

    Hi all I will be departing on SQ218 at 1am in a few weeks time. Will be arriving into Melbourne at about 8pm, given SKL lounge won't open until about 10pm, what will my lounge options be? Flying J, VA gold. Not at all familiar with MEL...
  7. Jousams

    Delay in sold seats appearing on Website

    I recently went to use fly ahead on a SYD-OOL flight but was told that the flight is full. 3 minutes later, I did a search on the website and three seats were showing as for sale. I called velocity platinum but by the time I got through to them (maybe 5 minutes later), they also told me the...
  8. Jousams

    US DV lottery

    Hi all I couldn't find a thread on this topic in AFF, but if it exists please let me know. I've recently started looking at the us DV lottery (us green card lottery) program, with the view to apply for the 2018 program next year. I'm aware this could be a >10 year process given the reported...
  9. Jousams

    KrisFlyer award as VA WP.

    Hi all I've got an upcoming reward booking with SQ (booked via KF) and I was just wondering if I will get my VA WP benefits (extra baggage, etc)? I am not able to put my velocity number on the booking and both the VA & KF contact centres have been very unhelpful.
  10. Jousams

    New 777-300ER Business Class

    Hi all I have booked a trip on the new 777-300er and have noted that the seat map shows 3 rows of the front mini J cabin vs. the 2 which have been reviewed on here and various 'best seat' websites. Has anyone travelled on the new J, and do they have seat recommendations? Thanks J
  11. Jousams

    Gluten Free Food & Inclusive Fares

    Since the introduction of the F&B for all passengers I have had a lot of grief in being accommodated for my dietary requirements when flying in Y. This is the situation I am faced with almost every time I fly (always on flexi fare), and I am not joking or exaggerating; (FA) ask if I would like...
  12. Jousams

    Award flight to SIN cost/availability

    Hi everyone I'm looking to do 3x J reward bookings from SYD or BNE to SIN for a long weekend (Thursday-Monday/Tuesday). Can someone advise me how many velocity points I would need (would it be better to do a KF transfer or use VA) and what the go is with buying KF points? Also any...
  13. Jousams

    China Southern to take up stake in QF?

    Not sure whether this is an error or not but sky has reported that a SVP has said they will take a stake? China Southern-Qantas codeshare a boost
  14. Jousams

    Plat/Gold velocity phone line -operating hours

    So I'm just trying to call velocity and um I can't? Because they're only open Mon-Fri 6:30-10:30? When did this happen?
  15. Jousams

    Recent Decline of VA service

    As a regular VA (flexi & J) flyer and regular poster on this form. I have noticed a recent decline in the service I have received and the general VA sentiment around AFF. Particularly, the flexi meal offerings being a snack with only water, tea and coffee included. I can appreciate that...
  16. Jousams

    When is the $35 change fee applicable?

    So I've just had to change a multi city flexi booking via the plat line. My work/life arrangements dictate that nearly every flight I buy has to be changed... Anyway, this is normally done fine for free via the gold and now plat line. Today I was charged $35. Is someone able to let me know...
  17. Jousams

    Free papers on VARA flights

    Sitting on VA1191 and everyone on the plane has got a copy of the Australian. Is this normal practice for VARA flights ?
  18. Jousams

    Kyle and jackie o & Sydney radio

    New show starts tomorrow morning. Just a bit curious as to whether my fellow AFF'ers will be making the switch to KIIS? If not, what stations/shows do you normally listen to? Sorry if you don't live in Sydney.
  19. Jousams

    777-300 economy seating.

    Yo I have a group of friends flying BNE-LA in economy. There are four of them and they have no status. I've currently got then seating in 25 A,C,H,K. In terms of recommendations, where should I get them seated? And how much extra would row 26 or 39 cost? Many thanks peeps.
  20. Jousams

    Flexi meal 'flexibility'

    Whenever flying on a flexi fare I opt out of having a wrap for obvious reasons and usually go for a pack of the moorish nuts instead. On all of my previous flights this has been given to me for no price (probably about 20 flights) and I assume its because the FA's know that for frequent flyers...