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    Flights on BA with infants

    I noticed this on the BA web site Has anyone used their Britax seats? Interested in anyones reviews....
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    QF Eligible flight segments

    Hi There Quick one for you all. I have seen away from Oz for a year now, living in Shanghai. I use *A for most of my travel in Asia. I am still QF Gold, but i see that they have brought in an eligibility requirement, that you have to fly on QF in order to attain / retain status. Thats a...
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    DONE4 SC's

    Hi There. When I relocate to Shanghai next month, I get a flight home per year (or cash equivalent of USD4000). I plan to use this for a DONE4 to a) go home and visit relatives and friends in UK and US and b) maintain my Gold FF status. As I will be travelling with family (they get $4000 too)...
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    Chinese Airline FFP

    Hi everyone, am moving with work to Shanghai for 3 years from july. Am currently BMI Gold (*A) and Qantas Gold - both are about to be renewed and I will remain at these tiers for another 12 months. But its going to be difficult earning in the future as most of my travel will be within...
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    Infant Car Seats on board aircraft

    We recently flew with JetStar up to Cairns. As we were cashing in some BA points, we decided to really push the boat out and get Master G (18 mths old) his own seat. For those that don't know, this means fixing his car seat into the aircraft seat with the lap belt and then another bracing...
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    QF337 to Shanghai

    I see that this is a codeshare with China Eastern. Can anyone share their experiences of the CE flying up there in a month or so and am keen to have a safe and comfortable flight :wink:
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    BMI Changes

    Received a letter in the post the other day. Summary of changes are 1) Any status miles earned in one year over and above 55,000 are autoamtically converted to additional destination miles for redemption (effectively 2 for 1 earn rate) 2) Monthly bonus for BMI flights moved to 35% of...
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    British Airways BA Miles on JetStar?

    Does anyone know whether Jetstar is classed as part of qantas for redeeming BA Miles? Have some I want to burn Cheers
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    Op Upgrades on *Alliance

    Hi There, does anyone know (and I'm tipping Kiwi Flyer might) what the odds are on me getting an upgrade on Air NZ if I am a Gold Star Alliance cardholder with another *A airline (BMI)? Planning to go over in a few weeks and am torn between QF and Air NZ... Will be on an economy ticket...
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    Melbourne to Hong Kong on CX/QF

    Hi There, does anyone know whether the A330-300 that Cathay operate have the new business class seats in J or are they their regional configurations? Also, does QF have the skybeds on all flights to Hong Kong yet? Thanks y'all
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    Which gadget to buy

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at buying either an Ipod or a DVD player to keep me entertained on long haul lfights. I tend to do two or three a year in Business Class. I saw the post recently about the amount of toys we all fly with, so I am trying to simplify my carry on baggage by having...
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    UA to New York

    I am flying at the end of October to New York with work, leaving Sun 30th, returning Friday 4th. Does anyone know how to get my seat pre-allocated? I am not a MilagePlus customer at the moment, but I am a Gold BMI Cardholder (*A). Also, anyone seen any cheap business class fares from MEL...
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    Upcoming MEL -> JFK trip........QF or UA

    In July I have to travel to New York with work - I am travelling in Business Class. I live in Melbourne. The two options presented are QF or UA, both via LAX. My questions are 1) Does UA have flat beds and how does it compare to QF for the Cross Pacific leg? 2) How does UA First Class...
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    QF2 : BKK-> MEL

    As per a previous thread, I am travelleing to the UK in April with SAS and Qantas in a mix of J and Y class (MEL-> BKK -> CPN-> MAN -> CPN -> BKK -> MEL). We switch from SAS to QF in BKK to join QF2 on the way back home. I have presumed that we do not have to collect our bags and re-check...
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    British Midland (BMI) Frequent Flyer Program

    As more and more of us become disenfranchised with the QFF program, it is natural that we look at other schemes as a viable alternative. As I fly internationally a few times a year on SIA, I was looking to join another scheme, KrisFlyer, ANZ etc. I remembered an old BMI program that I am still...
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    Best Way to find Discounted Business Class tickets

    Does anyone have any tips on how to "uncover" discounted business class tickets. I'm planning to fly to the UK in Mar/Apr/May with my wife and we want to travel in Business. Does anyone have a source where I can see all the availabe fares. I am not bothered so much with the routing and I...