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    Not strictly a referral as there are no signup/referral bonuses, but if anyone is looking for an invite to the TWE Family & Friends aka staff website (, please PM me your email address. I also have invites for the Lion Co. "the Den", which is Lion's staff & friends portal. You...
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    Virgin Free Flight (Amex Reserve)

    Anyone know what booking class needs to be available to be able to book this fare? I'd prefer to be able to just search for this myself rather than spend time on the phone trying to find availability. Thanks in advance.
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    Combining Marginal ASA with paid booking?

    As the title suggests, is this now possible? I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere (paid + classic award bookings are now possible, but curious to know about the MASA option). I assume it would need to be booked through the MASA number.
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    Can't book AnySeat awards over the phone?

    Called QF today to get them to book some AnySeat awards for me, and was told that these can't be booked over the phone - only online. Can anyone confirm this? I thought it was quite odd. Should I be calling back? Thanks
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    QF Men's F amenity kit now Georg Jensen

    I'm not sure when this when this changed, but sometime in the last four weeks would be my guess. Got given new Georg Jensen kit yesterday (now matches female kit). Comes in a wetpack style bag rather than the Akira zippered box. Internal contents are the same except the razor has been removed...
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    FHR link?

    Hi all, Anyone know where the FHR link is now? Was trying to have a look at what properties are available in TH/MY and the link seems to be dead now.
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    Load Question

    Hi, Flying on QF73 on Sunday (SYD-SFO). Until last night was looking empty in J (EF showing J9 / C9 / D9 and seat map plenty of unallocated seats). Y was looking pretty full (Y5 / H4 / B4 etc) Overnight first and business went to nearly empty (now F1 / A1 / J2 / D2 etc), so I suppose my...
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    Booking on ex-!Australia

    Hi all, Looking on for a one-way flight Singapore -> Sydney seems to show some pretty cheap pricing (once you've changed your region to SG to get that option to come up). Is there any restriction on actually booking a flight (e.g. do you have to have a Singaporean address?) this...
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    The thermal BPs

    I can't say that I'm a fan after getting a few of these from the quickcheck kiosks. that said, when getting on the plane, I still see a lot of people with the older style cardboard BPs. Where do they get them from? Do they check in at a counter?
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    Random luggage tags...

    Hi all, Anyone receive a random (or maybe "unexpected" is a better word) delivery of luggage tags from QANTAS? I received four (two sets of two) yesterday, in an envelope with no accompanying letter or anything. I've never asked for any additional ones, and this is the first time it's ever...
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    SC run in the US

    Hi all, I'm in the US at the moment, and finding I have some time to kill thought I'd look for some cheap "upgrade" (KUP?) fares. There appears to be some options available. It appears (based on previous threads here) that I might be able to book these online by saying that I'm a resident of...
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    Quick question on Itnl upgrades

    Hi, I've requested an upgrade for a SYD/WLG flight. As normal, I can see that I've been "waitlisted" for the upgrade - but no confirmation yet. But, my economy ticket is showing as "cancelled" with a warning at the top of the screen saying that the carrier has cancelled this flight...
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    Multiple rewards accounts, the Amex website, and the new 2500 point fee

    Hi guys, I've got two rewards accounts (one linked to my corporate card, and one linked to my personal card). When trying to use the Amex website, I can only ever bring up the details of the first account listed (which is linked to my corporate card). Attempting to use the little "drop...
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    Quick earning question

    Hi all, I've got a quick points/SC earning question. I have two fly Seattle -> LA in early December, so I'm going to be flying on an Alaska Airlines flight. I'm going to be flying in what Alaka calls "first class". My two options seem to be to book this as an AS flight, or an AA-codeshare...
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    Rebooking flexisaver tickets

    Hi all, I've got a quick question around flexi-saver tickets and rebooking options. Normally for work I'd fly on fully flexible tickets, but the last few weeks I've been trying to save some money by getting flexi-saver where possible. And then, wouldn't you know it, at 5:20pm on Friday...