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    AFF Tasmania - Newcastle replacement 23/24 October

    i’ll be Ubering there and back!
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    AFF Tasmania - Newcastle replacement 23/24 October

    I can contribute a Tolpuddle Chardonnay
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    AFF Tasmania - Newcastle replacement 23/24 October

    Thanks for the PM - either day is good for me, with a preference for lunch in Launceston, but elsewhere a possibility.
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    Pub Meal meet-up at the Beach Hotel (Burnie Tas.) 19th Oct 2020

    I’d jump at the chance, but an appointment with a surgeon for new hip on the 13th means it might be a little difficult. Hope you all have a great day!
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    Ads on AFF Home pages and articles

    Why then does the main website page state "Login Now to remove this and all advertisements (GOLD and SILVER members) ?
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    Drron goes viral.

    So many heroes fought in many wars who’s heroism was never acknowledged. I have no doubt Teddy’s heroism needs to be rewarded, but there are so many who have similarly given to the cause of freedom and sacrifice. Four of my uncles gave so much without reward. They, along with so many others...
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    A chance to reminisce - who remembers the "old days" of Travel?

    I remember doing a few transcontinental flights in Ansett F on 727's. I recall a stop in ADL was frequently required to top up the tanks.
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    When was the last commercial passenger flight you took?

    March 19th DPS-SYD March 20th SYD-MEL March 20th MEL-LST And then 14 days Self Isolation
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    Yep - new Tassie rules require self isolation for interstate visitors... becasue I’m returning from overseas, need to self isolate anyway.
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    The "I am in self-isolation" thread

    Currently in Bali (Sanur)... flight leaves tomorrow evening at 21.20 to SYD, then to MEL, then to LST. Will self isolate and work from home for 14 days. Plenty of support for shopping etc. (and have good stocks of TP). It’s going to be weird not seeing another human for 14 days!
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    A chance to reminisce - who remembers the "old days" of Travel?

    My first airline flight was from Launceston to Whitemark, on Flinders Island, in 1965 where my father had been transferred to as the local police officer. It was a Fokker operated by Ansett. We got dressed up in our finest clothes - suits, with ties... it was the done thing then!
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    NYC - restaurant recommendations

    Really enjoyed L’Amico for Italian food. Thought Gramercy Tavern was great too... had lunch there.
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    If you had a day to spend with AJ to fix QF what would you say ?

    Fix International Business Class service. Waiting 90 minutes for a pre-dinner drink is just wrong!
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    Let's talk about Economy X

    Because the tray table is in the arm rest.
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    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    Top 1% here too with 57 flights and 48k km. Not sure of the end date they used, but my records show 67 flights to the end of November. Also got 50% points offer.
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    Narita Premium Check In - Points Plane

    Flying back to MEL on QF80 ”points plane” this evening. Check in opened at 4.20pm, and there was a sizeable queue already for the business line. The queues were longer than usual because at the same time check in for QF62 to Brisbane opened. I was probably 10th I’m the business queue. Narita...
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    Let's talk about Economy X

    Many try and just as many succeed 😉
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    Let's talk about Economy X

    It would make sense to allow Economy X passengers to use the front loo. I’m am also a big fan of rows 4 or 5... invariably an empty middle seat, but rarely see that in row 3.
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    A380 operating QF79 MEL-NRT on 21/10/19 [as a "Points Plane"]

    Flew QF79 in F yesterday. The promised distinctive inflight service with special on-board experiences including a bespoke coughtail and meal service, signature pyjamas and inflight giveaways was limited to the coughtail only which I didn’t try. The PJ’s were the usual Martin Grant, and the meal...