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    Perth International Terminal Evacuated

    Perth International Airport evacuated - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Not too sure on the protocols of posting news links. Mods - If I've done anything against the rules feel free to lock/delete thread.
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    Perth Airport - what a joke!! No Qantas staff so passengers left on plane <H2>26th May 2008, 6:45 WST Qantas has apologised to more than 200 passengers who were forced to wait on a plane on the tarmac of Perth Airport for nearly three hours early on...
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    Rough landing!!!!!!!

    Worst landing ever - COMPLETE VERSION !!! HEINEKEN ADVERT ! HILARIOUS - Google Video
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    For those with kids

    I know my oldest (3yrs) is pretty excited about the impending visit by Santa. He's a link which might give the little ones a smile Santa 06 Hope everyone has a very safe and merry Christmas.
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    747 v 737/767 (in J)

    Greetings, Based in Perth and travel to Brissy on a fairly regular basis with the boss stumping up for J class thank goodness. Usually have either a 737 or 767 neither of which could be described as luxurious! Coming back via Sydney (in J) this time and noticed that the plane is a 747-300...
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    First Class Lounges - report

    To all those lucky enough to fly First Class :mrgreen: there is an article in todays Fin Review Magazine reviewing the best of the best. I found it very interesting to see how the other half live! Hopefully I can experience it one day.
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    Any chance??

    I have an unused return leg of a paid ticket which will expire shortly. There is not much $ value (Pth-Adl S class) in the ticket and I do not have the opportunity (or inclination) to travel in the immediate future. The cheapest "conversion" I can do is change it to a Pth-Klg?-Pth ticket...
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    Ticket query

    Hope someone can help. I have a return ticket Pth - Syd- Pth however since booking it I will now be in Syd for work and only need to use the second leg (Pth - Syd). If I simply don't use the Pth - Syd leg will my second leg still be available or do they show the whole return journey as a...
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    QP access at end of journey

    Hi everyone, I have a situation where I will be meeting my wife in Melbourne however I will be coming from Brissy and she from Perth. My flight gets in before hers so have a couple of hours to kill. Are you able to access the QP if you don't have a forward journey? - should I just flash...
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    Adelaide QP (Domestic)

    On my last points statement there was a message that due to a rebuild of the QP members could not take guests in for a period of time (can't remember the exact dates). Has anyone been there recently and had any experience - were they policing the member/no guest rule? Cheers
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    Aircraft configuration assistance

    Can anyone tell me if there is a sophisticated tool available to check aircraft seating configurations. Looking via the Qantas website at QF598 (Pth -Bne) on Sunday 16/10 it simply shows 767-300. When you click on the view seating plan link it comes up with 4 different configurations (2 of...
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    Check in frustrations

    Hi everyone, Being a relative new Qantas Club member I was amazed the other day at Melbourne airport that the designated Qantas Club check in line only had 1 staff member allocated to it. It was about 4.30pm and I went to the QC check in line whilst some colleagues who were not members...
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    Qantas Club Membership

    First post so please be gentle! I have recently taken a new position that entails frequent WA/Qld travel and for which my employer generously sends me business class. I have also availed of the company's corporate QC membership which is a joining fee of $187 plus 1 year at $220. When...