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    Spain - Umm, I just walked right in??

    I remember a number of years ago wasting a day in London at the French Embassy getting a schengen visa. Had to show I had return tickets, availability of money etc. Got off the ferry in Calais and walked straight past an unmanned immigration booth :mad:
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    Free to good home - 1 x Qantas Club pass, expires end Jan09

    Moody, Postman Pat delivered the passes yesterday:D. My travelling companion and I will make sure we maximise the benefits at the QP on the way home Sunday evening. As per my PM my sincere thanks.
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    Perth International Terminal Evacuated

    Crews find no fire at Perth Airport - just as well as it's expected to be about 38 degrees today and standing in the car-park wouldn't be too much fun :rolleyes: Crews find no fire at Perth Airport :
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    Perth International Terminal Evacuated

    Perth International Airport evacuated - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Not too sure on the protocols of posting news links. Mods - If I've done anything against the rules feel free to lock/delete thread.
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    Free to good home - 1 x Qantas Club pass, expires end Jan09

    Hi Moody, If the passes are still available I would love 1 (or preferably 2). I am going to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under and may get rather thirsty trying to keep up with Lance. Unfortunately I am not pre-disposed to mirth & merriment and therefore my posts have usually been questions...
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    Perth Airport - what a joke!! No Qantas staff so passengers left on plane <H2>26th May 2008, 6:45 WST Qantas has apologised to more than 200 passengers who were forced to wait on a plane on the tarmac of Perth Airport for nearly three hours early on...
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    virgin cancellation would cost me the same

    I am in no way an expert and will bow to others knowledge if I am on the wrong track however it may pay you to check that if your partner simply doesn't show up for the first leg of the ticket/ flight whether the return trip is still "live".
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    Rough landing!!!!!!!

    Worst landing ever - COMPLETE VERSION !!! HEINEKEN ADVERT ! HILARIOUS - Google Video
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    For those with kids

    I know my oldest (3yrs) is pretty excited about the impending visit by Santa. He's a link which might give the little ones a smile Santa 06 Hope everyone has a very safe and merry Christmas.
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    Is My Credit Rating Checked For a Credit Limit Increase Offer?

    They would only be looking at their own internal systems - repayment history/arrears/average useage etc as it would breach the Privacy Act to do a credit check without your specific authorisation.
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    My Finnair adventure from HEL

    I'm looking forward to seeing if it was a trip from HEL(L) or HEL(SINKI) Nice start - always like a man who can have a pork chop for breaky and an hour later be having a Crownie.
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    Welcome aboard EK. Please do not switch off your mobile phone

    May have to revert to a form of the good old smoking/non-smoking days and have phoning/non-phoning zones at seat allocation.
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    Footy GF's.....

    In every cloud there's a silver lining. I am in Perth and have just arranged for one of my mates (based in Melbourne) to come back for the weekend. Whilst the flights are at somewhat uncivilised times - it won't be too often that you can fly Melbourne - Perth return for $390 (plus taxes).
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    (OT a bit) No more HP's in BNE domestic QP!

    Always good to see someone willing to put themselves out in the name of "research"!
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    (OT a bit) No more HP's in BNE domestic QP!

    Price certainly does not equate to quality. Crownies would have to be one of the most over-rated beers going around. If you happen to catch the local liquor store on a good day $40 can buy a lot better tipple!! Can't wait for Dan Murphy's to make it over the Nullabor.
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    747 v 737/767 (in J)

    Thank you all for taking the time to pass on your knowledge & views. Regards
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    747 v 737/767 (in J)

    Greetings, Based in Perth and travel to Brissy on a fairly regular basis with the boss stumping up for J class thank goodness. Usually have either a 737 or 767 neither of which could be described as luxurious! Coming back via Sydney (in J) this time and noticed that the plane is a 747-300...
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    First Class Lounges - report

    Yes, today's issue (28/5) colour magazine supplement - pages 84- 86
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    First Class Lounges - report

    To all those lucky enough to fly First Class :mrgreen: there is an article in todays Fin Review Magazine reviewing the best of the best. I found it very interesting to see how the other half live! Hopefully I can experience it one day.
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    Any chance??

    Thanks for the advice. Think I'll do the up and back to Kalgoorlie (on the same plane) thing. Give me a chance to read the paper and eat back to back "breakfasts"!!