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  1. ozstamps

    Does VFF have any lifetime Status awards to aim at?

    I must have been a Virgin Plat for 10 years or so. Partner ditto. Qantas have well-defined Lifetime status targets for Lifetime Gold and Plat etc. Most airlines do. I cannot recall ever seeing any Virgin equivalent - is there? I got Lifetime Star Alliance Gold for me and a partner many...
  2. ozstamps

    When did the use of Platinum upgrades on any fare offer expire?

    . Been on the phone for over 30 minutes so faster to ask here I am sure. :D Used my 4 and wife still has 4 and as I recall the flights needed to be taken by end March for these to work on ANY bookable fare? Or maybe they have extended it a bit seeing border entry is still a weekly lottery...
  3. ozstamps

    SHAME Virgin -- Memo to the brass - COVID is still out there. [Wear Masks!]

    Not one staffer at check-in or gates in SYD and ADL this week when I took flights were wearing masks in the midst of this pandemic, (see my photo nearby) and when asked why, was told “the company says it is not compulsory for us”. We were wearing masks, as of course anyone sensible right now...
  4. ozstamps

    Yoooo Hoooo (maybe?) -- Virgin Platinum for another year!

    . Kind of bitter sweet to just get this in inbox, now BAIN have removed near any benefits of having Status. Used to get excited to see this each year! Hardly took a flight, like many here I am sure. Be interesting what BAIN and HRDLICKER decide to do going forward with Status periods. As I...
  5. ozstamps

    Do airlines need to ensure flights comply with QUARANTINE rules?

    Do the airlines not need to refuse ticketing to pax who clearly should not be flying home in a few days, if that arrival state has 14 days Quarantine laws? Virgin keep offering me time changes to accept for a fight this weekend. Same days, just different flights. They have emailed me the...
  6. ozstamps

    Virgin getting very HEAVY re completed credit card refunds. Sad to see.

    Virgin getting very HEAVY re completed credit card refunds. Sad to see. Had the correct flights PNR, and card dispute file number, so was not Spam or a hoax etc. A couple weeks back I asked my credit card company to credit back to my card account, some domestic flights we had made on Virgin...
  7. ozstamps

    Virgin Australia launches 'coronavirus status extension' plan Interesting thing I noted this evening due to virus cutting out much travel. Can't imagine Virgin cannot do the same right now. Virgin seem totally missing in action in the past week or two, with any...
  8. ozstamps

    Time for a 50% off Award Seat sale?

    If Virgin had any brains they'd have a massive award sale right now - for 6 months out - ''50% off'' or something. Maybe have a caveat that for these seats NO cancellation or change is permitted by passenger unless the fight route is cancelled due to Government directives etc? Highly...
  9. ozstamps

    Virgin booked Flights to Canada all coming up Air Canada and NOT Delta?

    Virgin booked Flights to Canada all coming up Air Canada and NOT Delta? Was just idly playing around on Virgin website with flights to somewhere Canada in May. Do not care where we go, as have been to all of them many times before, but a long Biz Class mileage run will be handy. Everything I...
  10. ozstamps

    HOW to book SYD-Kota Kimbulu, using money or miles?

    HOW to book SYD-Kota Kimbulu in Malaysia, (BKI) using money or miles? Trying to book a week there sometime next year. April ideally but we do not care. SQ fly in there on their own and on SilkAir metal from SIN.
  11. ozstamps

    "You are in top 5% of Velocity Flyers." - and that is it??

    Strange email today partner and I, and indeed one most of us got I am sure. (Do we have any ''top 1%'' members here?!) Reminded us of how many flights we took and how wonderful Virgin lounges were, and gushingly advised me there was a 50% bonus points promo on we could register for (done long...
  12. ozstamps

    Booking biz on AT7 - do SC credit as Biz even tho no Biz seats?

    Booking biz on AT7 - do SC credit as Biz even tho no Biz seats? Doing final leg of a SC run in AT7. Virgin prices this leg in a multi city Biz fare AFAIK they have no biz seats altho row #1 looks not too bad...
  13. ozstamps

    TARGETED Double Status Credits [Not targeted, open to all]

    Virgin Australia Feel good with double Status Credits Earn double Status Credits* when you activate this offer and book an eligible Virgin Australia flight by 24 November 2019 for travel until 13 October 2020. Daughter (no status) got this but partner and I - both long term Plats did not...
  14. ozstamps

    Anyone doing that Cook Is Status run that has not booked Hotel yet etc?

    Anyone doing that Cook Is run that has not booked Hotel yet etc? Booked that great double SC Biz ‘’instant Platinum’’ deal SYD-RAR via all milk run stops along the way. Flying next weekend. At the time I pre-paid booked two hotels, with Free Cancel window and meant to cancel out the other...
  15. ozstamps

    What DAY here will Velocity ''see'' Cook Island flight on Oct 22?

    What DAY here will Velocity ''see'' Cook Island flight of Oct 22? Weird question. Hopefully someone will know how precisely they measure flight departures? :) In October we fly Cook Is, RAR-AKL, 10:10pm on Tues Oct 22, (here Oct 23 I think!?) arriving Auckland 1.50am Thurs Oct 24, (11.50pm...
  16. ozstamps

    SYD-Europe BizClass sub $5K on Etihad all in. Heaps of SC.

    Have booked these most years, and get a ton of SC - do the Math as these fly via MEL both ways. And Plats get to use Etihad FC lounge in Abu Dhabi which is very nice. Sub 5K all in, is DARN low. Dublin, apart from being a lovely city in a lovely country, means you are a $100 flight from a ton...
  17. ozstamps

    Tiny amount of Etihad Miles earned - does this look correct?

    Activity date Process date Description Velocity Points Status Credits 02 Jun 19 24 Jul 19 Etihad Airways, EY0450, Abu Dhabi-Sydney +1,877 +40 01 Jun 19 24 Jul 19 Etihad Airways, EY0004, Munich-Abu Dhabi +710 +20
  18. ozstamps

    Optimum month time to active Hilton Elite benefit

    Partner just ticked over to Plat and has never used the Hilton status benefit before. As I recall applying April 1 USA is the optimum time? As that if I recall, then runs to early 2021 if done now? Seems the Hilton - Virgin communications lines are a bit rubbery to put it mildly - do others...
  19. ozstamps

    Is it true Virgin paid no tax for past 4 years?

    I am no accountant but can never figger out how these large companies appear to pay no tax year after year? Australia’s top 10 tax dodgers: Petrol and gas company Exxon Mobil I am assuming this stuff must be true and sourced in some way?
  20. ozstamps

    If one gets VERY close to Plat do they activate it anyway?

    Partner will be at 996 Status credits this weekend after a short domestic flight. Gold now, and of course Plat at 1000. I do not want her to get to Plat til as late as possible in year so our Review dates are as close as possible - mine is October and I requal each years so it stays at that...