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  1. JohnK

    Getting Status with Cancelled Travel

    Can someome please confirm for 21 March that the 6:30pm SYD-AVV JQ609 arriving 8:05pm then turns around as the 8:35pm AVV-SYD JQ610 arriving back at 10:00pm? Are there any other JQ flights out of AVV at that time? I can't book a return but I can book 2 one-ways if I know same aircraft.
  2. JohnK

    Handling overbooked flights

    Apologies for long rant. Daughter and I on 2 separate bookings. I booked using Flybuys and then booked daughter via Velocity call centre, bookings linked and seated together. Yesterday was a nightmare. - turn up to SYD T2 at 4:05pm for 5:10pm flight to OOL - use Priority check in and handover...
  3. JohnK

    SMS with offer of flight voucher to change flights

    Not sure if mentioned recently. Would this be legitimate? Looks legitimate enough.
  4. JohnK

    General Estate Planning issues (Wills, PoA, AHDs)

    No will at all. Which leads to other issue. What if something happens to me? Wife doesn't want to stay here. There are points in her QFF account. Need to explain how she can book an economy award flight to go back to Thailand.
  5. JohnK

    Issues uploading files

    Have started conversation with @support but is anyone having issues uploading files/photos from their smartphone? Was working for me until a few days ago and as soon as I choose the file to be uploaded nothing happens. Clicking on Upload file again also does nothing.
  6. JohnK

    LCC Booking with Child

    I had an issue recently where 3K allocated seats all over for a booking for myself, wife and 2 year old daughter. I thought we were sitting together but seats were automatically allocated apart. I've been looking at booking Air Asia CNX-DMK later this month and started booking the flight and...
  7. JohnK

    Thread started by someone on ignore does not appear in forum

    It would appear there's a slight glitch where if you have someone on ignore the threads they've created do not appear on that forum. I don't believe that should be the case as there's a sticky thread in 'Your Questions' that was started by medhead but is general to everyone yet not on the list...
  8. JohnK

    Australian Cricket Season 2018-2019

    AJ Finch UT Khawaja SE Marsh TM Head MR Marsh M Labuschagne TD Paine MA Starc PM Siddle NM Lyon JM Holland You'd be forgiven thinking that's the 2nd XI in action? Struggling a little post Trousergate.
  9. JohnK

    Booking flights for travel with a child

    I'm sure I know the answer but wondering if anyone has any recent experiences. My daughter will be 2 next week and I will take her to Sydney every 2-3 weeks to visit grandparents but her travel won't be booked too far in advance but rather last minute just in case she is not able to travel if...
  10. JohnK

    Additional Platinum luggage allowance ignored by check-in system

    I just went through a disturbing experience at SYD T3 checking in for SYD-BNE-SIN return flight booked ex-SIN. Bag was 24.6kg and golf clubs 18kgs and system wanted to charge me excess luggage above 30kgs. I don't know what the figure was but she could not complete check-in. I know I'm...
  11. JohnK

    Child discount on Qantas revenue airfares

    I thought there was some sort of discount on revenue airfares but haven't been paying too much attention until today. I'm looking at a BNE-SIN-HKT//BKK-SIN-BNE airfare for 2 adults and a 2+ year old child and the quoted airfare is $975/person but when going to the total page the total for 3...
  12. JohnK

    Cancelling award flights after trip commences

    Does anyone have any experience if miles for unused flights are refunded? Confused with UA terms and conditions. - You can also book a one-way award if you wish to travel one-way. If you redeem a roundtrip award and only travel one-way, the unused portion of the award will be forfeited. -...
  13. JohnK

    Earning Asia Miles with car hire

    There doesn't appear to be a thread on earning Asia Miles via car hire but sometimes there are good deals. Last year there was a promotion where I managed to earn 1,888 Asia Miles for a one day rental and did that a couple of times. The current promotion with Europcar seems to be quite good...
  14. JohnK

    Change category into sub-forum structure

    @support is there any chance of adding all the wine sub-forums under one forum such as "Travel Insider Tips" so that one could mark all Wine sub-forums read instead of one by one?
  15. JohnK

    Contracting v. Salaried Employment

    Income tax is a strange one and not very consistent. What's the difference between a salaried computer programmer and a sole trader/contracted computer programmer paid the same to work in an office? One pays more tax than the other which is a joke.
  16. JohnK

    AFF Post Audit Date/Time

    I have noticed an issue with the time displayed for the last post in a thread. If within the last hour it's reported correctly but for older posts they can appear to have been posted later than current time zone. Not sure if that's an issue with my smartphone but it can be confusing. Also...
  17. JohnK

    Infant Formula and other Baby Topics

    When daughter was born I had a hard time sourcing Aptamil Gold+ Stage 1 formula. Plenty of Stage 2/3/4 formula available. Some weekends I'd run around to 3-4 Woolworths/Coles before I could find any. If not then I'd go late Saturday night as they were stocking shelves. Then daughter turned 6...
  18. JohnK

    OOL Catch-up/Drinks Sunday 29 October 2017

    I am staying at the Star Casino on Saturday and Sunday nights and pretty much all of Sunday is free if anyone wants to catch-up. Not sure who is around. No car so limited to public transport. May go down to Tweed Heads by bus on Sunday for a couple of hours if bored.
  19. JohnK

    Exclude threads/sub-forums from 'New Posts'?

    Is it possible? Vaguely recall a discussion with support a while back and he mentioned a moderator could do it. I realise not everyone uses New Posts feature but that is the way I browse AFF and there are too many sub-forums and threads of little interest that clutter up the search list.
  20. JohnK

    Duplicate posts

    There are many threads this is occurring and I am now getting heaps of these. When I add new post the wheel spins and spins and then appears to time out and asks to either cancel or leave. Cancel goes back to the add post screen where as Leave adds another post unless the previous post is within...