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    Ideas for 10hr stopover HKG

    I have a 10 hour stopover (1330 - 2330) in HKG next week and wondering if I should stay in the airport or head into the city. I have been to Hong Kong once a couple of years ago for the Rugby 7's. I was there for 3 days and lets just say I don't remember much. Any ideas? I am Oneworld Sapphire...
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    RTW options and help for NRT and BOG

    A friend of mine (nah really) is travelling next month from PER and wants stops in NRT and BOG. I suggested he should start looking at getting himself oneway to SIN/NRT/JKT/MNL and start a LONE3/4 or Global Explorer or Circle Pacific. He only needs stops in Japan and Colombia however i think...
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    Online check in and points upgrades

    Does online check in (say at T-24 hours) have any effect on how requested points upgrades may come through?
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    Where have my bookings gone?

    Just logged into the Your Bookings on Qantas website and got the message No Qantas bookings are recorded against your Frequent Flyer membership. Strange because I had bookings there yesterday. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Another upgrade thread

    I know upgrades have been discussed at length in several posts but I am still unclear how the ranking and selection process works. Does a WP who requests an upgrade 2 days prior trump a SG on waitlist for 87 days? Does someone with surname starting with A get preference over Mr X if requests...
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    Taxes increased from fare ex SIN

    Is it just me, or have charges/taxes for QF fares ex SIN to Australia increased significantly? (eg SIN-PER-SIN is $530 SGD in charges/taxes)
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    Quick check kiosk - day before possible?

    I am flying PER-SYD this afternoon with Virgin. (best fare of the day policy). I am actually a virgin Virgin but this is a QF question. I return tomorrow SYD-PER on the QF evening flight. I leave too early today (>24 hours) to check-in online for the QF flight tomorrow and am wondering can I...
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    QF Awards Premium Econ colour change

    Not sure if mentioned before but I just noticed when trying to book a premium economy seat with Qantas that they have changed the colour scheme to yellow. Certainly a lot easier to distinguish than the previous colour.
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    SIN-BKK aircraft change

    On an award PER-BKK around xmas and was looking forward to upstairs on a 747 SIN-BKK however it seems they have replaced the aircraft with a 777-300. Anyone know why the megatops have been pulled from this route?
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    Mileage runs from HNL

    Will be in Hawaii in a couple of months for a well deserved holiday. I was thinking of doing a mileage run also (what else would you do on holidays?) Anyone got any good suggestions? Currently looking at YUPP fares to BOS. The best combinations I can come up with are HNL-LAX-DFW-BOS-LAX-HNL...
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    2.9% balance transfer for 18 months

    I am currently using Australia Post mail redirection service and recently received a targeted offer from Citibank. Thanks Australia Post! CODE - DDN472DJ. Not great value but appears there are a number of codes out there (ie Gold no annual fee ever - Code...
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    Dream job?

    Saw this on the OneWorld site and thought it might interest some here
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    xONE3 fares from Australia

    Is is possible to have an xONE3 fare from Australia? If not what is the fare basis for this fare Australian Travel Agent : Best Flights - discount travel - Travel Agent Australia Cheers Matt
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    *class points on QF domestic

    I am looking at travelling PER-HNL return in September on Jetstar in StarClass. The online booking allows me to book this as a single fare. My question to Jetstar (which I was on hold for 45 minutes last night) was would I earn QF business class SC for the PER-SYD leg of the flight. After...
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    Greetings All First post. Excellent site that gets used regularly by myself for invaluable tips and travel information that has saved me dollars and gained me status. On several occasions I have found myself being able to provide facts/answers to a question (without responding), disagreeing to...