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  1. spiggy_topes

    Feeling Lousy After a long flight

    Having travelled from Australia to the UK direct five times in economy last year (yuck), I now have a routine to cope with getting there. May not be to everyone's taste but it works for me. 1. Arrive in the UK a day or two before any meetings. For instance, if the first meeting is on Monday, I...
  2. spiggy_topes

    A bit of humour

    I went to my doctor and asked for something for persistent wind. He gave me a kite. I said, ‘It's serious doctor, I've broken my arm in 20 places.’ He said: ‘Well stop going to those places'. Snooker is basically tidying up disguised as sport. A cement mixer has collided with a prison van...
  3. spiggy_topes

    Bringing a dog into the terminal?

    My daughter is meeting me at BNE international arrivals next week, and wants to bring her dog. Is there any rule saying dogs can't be brought into the terminal? It'll be on a leash, well behaved etc. Thanks for any guidance - Spiggy.
  4. spiggy_topes

    RTW in J for early-mid May

    I have a short notice RTW coming up, Brisbane-LAX-Boston-London-HK-Brisbane, leaving around 7th May, returning about 15 days later. For various reasons including flexibility it makes sense to do this in J. The One-World site costs this trip at about $12.5k. Since it's coming out of my company's...
  5. spiggy_topes

    The Operational Upgrade Thread

    Thanks Qantas - double upgrade Very pleased last week to get not just one, but two upgrades from Y to J. WP status does seem to count. Last week my son and I were travelling back from London in Y, LHR-HKG on BA, HKG-BNE on QF, with a day's stopover in Hong Kong. The BA flight never left the...
  6. spiggy_topes

    MH or QF business class.

    Flew BNE-LHR-BNE last March in MH J. Excellent flights and service, as good as or better than QF, and will use them again in 2011 once have requalified as WP. Only downside was that on the way back the plane went through Sydney before reaching Brisbane, which is a bore at the end of a long flight.
  7. spiggy_topes

    Any cheap J deals to Europe in January?

    Have to travel to London/Paris/Brussels for a week in the first half of January. Wondering if there are any reasonable deals out there? I'm looking for J but would consider Y to Asia, J onwards. Best fare I've found is Royal Brunei for about $6k return but they have a 16 hour stopover in Brunei...
  8. spiggy_topes

    Brisbane: short stay vs long stay carpark?

    Brisbane has recently put up signs saying that you should use the long stay carpark if you're going to be there more than four hours. Last week I took a day trip to Sydney to see a client and left the car for about 6 hours. I would far rather leave the car in the short stay carpark as it tends...
  9. spiggy_topes

    Cabin crew: An insider tells all

    Cabin crew: An insider tells all Vomiting babies and frisky businessmen are all in a day's work, but what is life above the clouds – and on the ground – really like? Entertaining read
  10. spiggy_topes

    HK to Vientiane

    An old friend has invited me to spend the weekend in Vientiane (Laos) after a business trip to HK in July. He has suggested CX to BKK and TG to Vientiane, but there are a couple of other carriers such as Vietnam Airlines via Hanoi who also go there. Any suggestions, warnings, anecdotes...
  11. spiggy_topes

    Re-entry to the US / unclaimed visa waiver form

    Thank you all. I left on a scheduled Qantas flight, so it looks as if no further action is needed.
  12. spiggy_topes

    Re-entry to the US / unclaimed visa waiver form

    I last visited the US about a year ago. After leaving LAX I found that nobody had claimed the green visa waiver form, which is still in my passport. Is this likely to cause problems next time I enter the country? Or are their computer systems clever enough to cross-match departing passenger...
  13. spiggy_topes

    Always remember what your bag looks like!

    I learnt my lesson about this a long time ago... Was on a flight to Sydney, had a brand new suitcase that hadn't got any particular distinguishing marks. Got to the carousel, picked up what I thought was the right bag. Took a closer look and wasn't sure - so opened it up and had a look inside...
  14. spiggy_topes

    Do you get sick of flying and travel?

    Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt - I know exactly how you feel! Around the end of last year I realised how tedious a lot of international travel had become and have told my overseas clients that they will get much better value for money if I stay in Australia and work from here, rather...
  15. spiggy_topes

    "Asking for orange juice on AA may violate federal law"

    Follow-up from the passenger involved: Sounds like AA did the right thing after the plane landed.
  16. spiggy_topes

    "Asking for orange juice on AA may violate federal law" I've had bad experiences in F on AA before (begin treated with extreme rudeness after politely asking if the volume of the PA system could be turned down) but this really seems over the top. Blimey.
  17. spiggy_topes

    Shaving foam - new rules?

    Not as silly as me. Bought a tube of fancy shaving cream today for $10 - hope that doesn't get confiscated. Thanks to all for the clarification.
  18. spiggy_topes

    Shaving foam - new rules?

    SYD-MEL this morning, wanted to get straight into a taxi when I arrived so took my wheely bag through security as hand baggage. The security lady at SYD very politely confiscated my can of shaving foam as it didn't have a top on it. Is this new policy? I'm puzzled - what possible security...
  19. spiggy_topes

    BNE Airport - Tbus available for free QF transfers

    Who wrote this? It's either seamless or not seamless - you can't have degrees of seamlessness. Almost as bad as 'very unique'. Ugh. Yes, I'm a grammar naz_...
  20. spiggy_topes

    Royal Brunei Airlines - Experiences?

    I flew non-stop BNE-LHR in October with my 15-year old daughter in Business class as they had extremely good fares at that time ($2000 each one-way). We were more than happy with the flights. Food was fine if not spectacular. Crew friendly and attentive. Seats not lie-flat but good enough for 6...