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  1. albatross710

    Scheduling pre-departure tests on a business trip

    Now that things are looking much more likely that we (AFF members) can get overseas and back soon, how does the PCR testing fit into a work schedule? Let's assume by the time I leave Qld has acceptable return requiremetns. Let's say I want to do two weeks in California, start visiting clients...
  2. albatross710

    Legal question : Who runs quarantine anyway?

    Like many of us here we can see the pleasure and pain of the interstate hotel quarantine system. It seems to be teetering towards more painful at the moment here in Qld. The Constitution says COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CONSTITUTION ACT - SECT 51 Legislative powers of the Parliament [see Notes...
  3. albatross710

    What hotel booking conditions are you accepting?

    I'm looking at taking Mrs Albatross away for a few days in middle of September here in Qld. I'm happy to pay in advance provided there are reasonable 'covid' aka 'lockdown' cancellation conditions. ie if the state /area is in lockdown and we cannot travel then I don't want to be paying for an...
  4. albatross710

    Is tripit still accepting email itinerary?

    Seems I'm finally dusting off the flight bag after 15 months. When I email my itinerary to [email protected] it no longer gets imported. The emails don't appear in unfiled either which of course might mean it's a different account but it's all checked. Logging into now they have...
  5. albatross710

    Where do I find the AFF travel map

    Seems I'm on a re-training program to remember all my travel websites and tools. Where do I find the AFF feature that imported TripIt itineraries and added them to a personalised map? I thought it was on the Member Services tab. Apologies if this is a stupid question.
  6. albatross710

    Positive refund experience Ctrip & Stamford

    Cudos to & Stamford Brisbane. The Brisbane lockdown came half way through our quick inner city staycation. It was booked on the night before, non refundable for $143/night. Knowing it was prepaid and non refundable I still did venture to the very busy Stamford checkout...
  7. albatross710

    Daily Aviation Calendar - Navy A4

    Each day I get emailed an aviation calendar page from History and Heritage Branch-Air Force. Yesterday 7th Oct it featured the Navy A4. attached. I've also attached the 30 Sept calendar page which shows the aircraft for that month.
  8. albatross710

    Any experience with Air Niugini in these covid times?

    I am listening to a friend struggling to get from MNL to BNE with tickets on both Cathay & PR. Each month the flights keep getting pushed back. I notice that PX has a connection via POM with seats for sale in November. Of course they will sell opportunity but do they operate flights. Does...
  9. albatross710

    Planespotting at Manchester pub

    I've managed to waste 30 minutes today with this running on my second monitor in the home office. All I need to do now is start up a kero burner lamp outside to add some aroma. I love the smell of avtur in the mornings.
  10. albatross710

    Flight instruments - spot the bloopers

    This pic is posted for entertainment in the covid era. I saw these snaps in my photo album from an Emirates A380 flight BNE-DXB. At the time I took them it stood out that the 'Indicated Airspeed' of 488 knots on the HUD display, is calculated as 562 on the dial display. I'm thinking that this...
  11. albatross710

    How would you spend my last 25k KF miles?

    I was keeping 25k to give me flexibility for a J asian shorthaul redemption but I doubt I'll be in the Singapore hub to utilise. Even with SQs miserly 6 month points expiry most of this balance will be gone by July 2021. If you were locked off from the world, living in Qld, how would you...
  12. albatross710

    How much poor 'Covid' service will you tolerate?

    It's been two months now since the Covid tsunami hit the world. Yes we were prepared to cop a fair bit of disruption for every business but I think there are some companies that are now taking a lend of our good will. Qantas - I'm waiting 6 weeks for a refund which is 'coming'. They shutdown...
  13. albatross710

    Qantas chat offline - 4/4/20

    Wanting to sort out my cancelled flights for which I had requested a full refund a few weeks ago. When I initiate a conversation with Qantas Chat I just get a reply : I'm always surprised when companies get over-whelmed that the first to go is the online chat. I thought online chat would be...
  14. albatross710

    BNE-LAS return in J for AUD2,482 AirNZ via Expedia

    Looking to rebook for my postponed conference in Vegas. Via Skyscanner found this fare available on various days in August. The available date combination is not a perfect fit for me. Let the deals roll on.
  15. albatross710

    Join Transferwise and get a free international transfer

    I've been using my Transferwise account for a few months now. Has been a great solution to my USD <> AUD transfers and customers. They have a referral offer which provides the new customer (you) with the following: Friends using your link to sign up will receive a discount on their first...
  16. albatross710

    BNE - SYD tracking via Parkes

    We took a long cut BNE to SYD on Monday. ATC had advised that there were many weather diversions occurring north of NTL so they had rerouted everyone on a a flghtpath via Narrabri. When we got to Narrabri we continued north-west and west and eventually headed back towards Sydney, approaching...
  17. albatross710

    Make an offer to upgrade on your flight to Sydney. How many emails is enough?

    I recently updated my Qantas marketing preferences. I'm surprised that for a return BNE-SYD that I would receive 9 emails over 7 days. Regardless of how many offers the minimum bid of $120 still doesn't get me for a < one hour flight. I guess I'll get at least another one to make an even...
  18. albatross710

    SC & Points earning AA v QF

    For an upcoming USA itinerary I have a choice of buying the tix as AA or as a QF. The AA flights are S & O class and will earn as Discounted Economy as will the QF tix. The AA flights give me better times LAX-LAS & LAS- SFO and worth the $52 price difference. Is there a QF points & SC earning...
  19. albatross710

    QantasLink seat selection on return legs - not available

    I've had two U class redemption on QantasLink B717 aircraft. BNE - CNS & BNE-CBR. Both times, I can use Manage My Booking to view the seat map for the outbound leg. When I go to the return leg I can only choose Window/Aisle. At the time of doing the booking I did allocate seats for the return...
  20. albatross710

    What are the travel opportunities in light of 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

    The airlines' networks have been hit by a seismic event prompting airlines and governments to take significant actions in regard to mainland China routes. What are the opportunities for (healthy) travellers?{ Getting cheap hotel spots here in Australia which those Chinese tour groups have left...