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    Orbital Mechanics - and Similar Travel Methods

    HI All, I am looking to get a better understanding of orbital mechanics and space travel, probably a result of a long held in interest in the Apollo Programme. How do I get a better understanding of OM and Space Travel? I was OK with Maths and Science up to Year 10 in the mid 1970's, and much...
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    A Space Experience

    I have been to the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC, and the Kennedy Space Centre in near Orlando. i enjoyed both experiences immensely. Just wondering, from those who have been, is there much more to be seen, mainly about the Apollo Programme in Houston or Huntsville ? Would you go to...
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    Adjustable Over Door Clothes Hanger

    Hi All, Does anyone have, or know where i can buy, an adjustable over-the-door clothes hanger ? Have noticed that overseas doors can be a different size/thickness to Aussie ones, and the hangers i have for domestic travels don't work overseas. any ideas please ? TIA
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    Moving Overseas - Short or Long Term

    Hi All, On the Australian end, how do you go about researching if it is feasible/possible to move to the UK and/or EU, as an OZ/Irish dual citizen - for either a medium period, or permanently ? My Super fund said it doesn't matter to them where I live for any period of time, but suggested I...
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    To RTW or NOT ???

    Mods - if this question needs to be moved, please do so........... To RTW or NOT ??? i have just over 125 000 Kris miles/points. i am trying to decide: - do i use it for a return flight to SE Asia in Biz Class at some stage during a year OR - do i use it as a cobbled together sort of RTW -...
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    Southern California

    Hi All, Either next year or in 2021 i am thinking of spending a week in Southern California for a week to 10 days. i will simply hire a car, and drive around the area, with no particular sightseeing ideas in mind, unless something pops up. Can anyone suggest, based on past experience where...
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    Denver to San Diego Road Trip

    Has anyone ever done this raid trip, or something close to it ? I am looking for information on the roads mainly - using mainly the Interstate Highways. Are you travelling at a higher elevation for most of the trip, what is the road like; is there much to see, etc. etc. TIA
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    Best UK and Ireland SIM Card - One Trip Only Use

    Hi All, i am going to UK and Ireland soon - with a short stay in Frankfurt and Penang. My travelling companion has a Tesco Rocket casual SIM Card only service. Any particular recommendations on SIM Cards for this shortish trip please ? I am thinking of buying what she has so that we are sure...
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    Covermore Policy Changes - Pre-Existing Medical Issues

    Did you know ? Went to my TA yesterday about some TI with pre-existing medical conditions. Normally, like most policies, you have the base rate, and then a loading for for your medical issues. It turns out Covermore are doing away with this extra loading and you will just pay the initial base...
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    CPAP Machines and Travel Insurance

    Hi All, i have a 4.5 yo CPAP machine i have to take with me overseas. i believe it is almost completely depreciated out of existence - and thus not worth much. Do people, when taking out TI, take out any special coverage for their older machines, or just hope for the best and treat it as...
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    RACQ and MYTRAVEL Travel Insurance

    Hi All, Anyone had any recent experiences with wither RACQ or MYTRAVEL Travel Insurances ? I am looking at about 4 days in Penang; 6 days in Germany and then about 50 days in the UK and Ireland. Just looking mainly for existing medical and car rental excess cover. TIA for any assistance.
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    Buy AMEX POINTS To Transfer to SQ

    Hi, Can someone please remind me how to buy AMEX points so I can then transfer them to SQ for an award flight in 2020? I have done it once last year, but for the life of me, I cannot remember how I did it. I am trying to beat the 15 April changes that will halve the transfer rate. I am short...
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    UK and Ireland Train Travel

    Hi All, Just chasing general, as opposed to specific, information on the above. i am using Seat61 and other resources for specific planning purposes. Basically, do many people use Rail Passes, Rover Tickets and similar when doing shortish and not frequent trips in the UK and Ireland? I am...
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    Chiang Mai vs. Penang - a Short Term Stay

    Hi All, Just seeking ideas from the many wise folk on the relative merits of a short stay in either of the above towns. Requirements: Looking to stay either a couple of weeks or maybe a month or two Not looking at the usual touristy things, although if the occasion inspired me I might do...
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    Expat living in RETIREMENT as a retirement option?

    HI All, I have retired. I am looking at MAYBE retiring to Ireland (as an Irish dual citizen), the UK, Europe, or Malaysia. If I stayed in AU I wouldn’t be working and wouldn't be paying any tax again ever - so I would expect the same would be the case over "there" - wherever there winds up...
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    Houston and Johnson Space Center

    Hi All, I am trying to work out if it is worth having a day or two in Houston to see the Johnson Space Centre? I am flying from Toronto to BNE on a P/Econ RTW-like discount fare, and was only going to do a short/medium layover in Houston at the airport before getting an ANZ flight to BNE...
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    BKK - Domestic to International Transfer

    Hi All, In October I will fly into BKK from CNX on TG, on its own PNR. About 3 hours later I will need to catch a SQ Award flight on a separate PNR to come home to BNE, via SIN. Both flights are in Business What is the BKK DOM to INT transfer process like; what is the process; should about 3...
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    Asian Carriers Regional Business Calss

    I am flying from ICN to BKK in OCT 2018 in Business Class. On the better quality Asian Carriers, do they all have/provide a Regional Business Class Service? Any airlines that don't use a regional format, and just have the long-haul format/style ? TIA
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    Living in Kuala Lumpur

    Hi All, Anyone had a slightly longer stay in Kl or Malaysia than the usual touristy few days/weeks? I am thinking of basing myself in KL or somewhere similar and doing Malaysia in greater depth than the usual tourist holiday. I might also let this trip bleed over into Thailand for an extended...
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    Finnair AY Cheap Airfares - How to Get Them

    Hi, i am looking at the mechanics on getting the cheaper BIZ AY airfares please ? For example, do you first join their FF programme from/in Australia, and elect to get them to email you their specials ? Or do you pretend you are in Asia somewhere? Or do you just join their mailing list...