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    Buying Velocity Points ( bonus )

    Just got this offer to buy Velocity. First time I have seen an incentive and bonus to buy
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    Singapore MRT

    I am going over to Singapore F1 next weekend.. First time to Singapore.. Wondering if I am correct in getting to Orchard station I just go to City Hall and change I assume the MRT is the most cost effective option Thanks for any tips
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    Visiting Switzerland and France

    Heading to Zurich in July with my wife. SQ Suites over to ZRH and SQ suites back from CDG. spending approx 9 - 10 days in Switzerland and then meeting friends for last 2 days in France before flying home. Looking for any suggestions on accommodation, things to see. Considering driving from...
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    AA 20% Bonus on Purchased miles for black Friday

    nice email with 20% bonus tonight...purchase 150k and receive 120k bonus 270k points for $4425 USD
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    Using AA miles for BA seats

    Wondering opinions on BA business or first CDG to SYD ?? needing 3 seats Is it any good ?........ searching availability, do I just look on BA site because there seems to be alot of seats June / July 2018 on the site ( CDG-LHR-SYD ) Looking to redeem some AA miles. I cant find availability...
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    Free Qantas Club Single Pass - EXP December 2017

    Hi Everyone I have a single entry pass to give away ( I will cover the postage ) with expiry December 2017. If you have at least 40 posts on AFF and been a member for at least 6 months please post if you would like the pass.. I will organise details via PM with the winner !!
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    Buy miles with copa ( connect miles )

    Just received this email.. I have not had time to review about value but Star Alliance redemptions I might need to have a look at
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    Hilton - New York

    Hi All going to New York early in the new year. Never been, so wondering on suggestions for Hilton Properties you have found good. Times Square / Manhattan area or near subway is no problem either Thanks for any advice / suggestions
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    4 Award seats same flight - Qantas PE / CX J

    Have to go to the USA next year and am taking the family. Trying to do it all on point redemptions. Well, I have booked 4 x PE Seats on Qantas SYD to LAX same flight and 4 x CX J for the return from New York same flight. Qantas was showing 4 J seats EWR - SYD on CX. I was able to book 2 x J...
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    New Bonus Points Offer Until 29 July

    Another promo....I just can't Top level 250,000 points for $4425 USD Miles purchased Bonus miles 11,000 - 20,000 2,500 21,000 - 50,000 5,000 51,000 - 75,000 15,000...
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    Companion Gold

    Hi All Bit of a simple question ( or so i thought ) and received 2 different answers today from Velocity. Can some of the VA WP's on here confirm the info around companion Gold. I am Gold now and will be Platinum in a couple of weeks for the first time with 1320 SC If I just go straight to...
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    Free 2 x Qantas Club Single Entry Passes - Expiry May 2017

    Hi All I have 2 Qantas Club entry passes expiring May 2017 to give away. If you have at least 30 posts on AFF then please post if you would like these. I will cover the postage. Also, if you only require 1 pass, then please advise and I will give the second pass to another AFF member. Enjoy
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    App that holds all upcoming flight details

    Hi All Wondering if there is an app that can hold all flights coming up. I often use Checkmytrip but obviously with Flights across One World, VA, Delta and Star Alliance I thought maybe you can have it all in 1 place Any guidance is appreciated Thanks
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    Free $50 qantas gift voucher

    Hi Guys and Girls I have a $50 Qantas gift voucher I am happy to give away. It is a voucher via email and is transferable. I have not used one or redeemed one before, but assume that someone who loves the big Q will gladly deduct $50 off their next flight and will know what to do and how to...
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    Virgin australia $999 return to new york

    Competition with AA cheap fares From Daily Telegraph THE international airfares war being waged among airlines has intensified with Virgin Australia slashing the cost of a return ticket from Australia to New York, to $999. The price has stunned even travel agents, who have declared the fare...
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    Positive Call Centre Experience - Upgrade Using Points

    My approach yesterday for wife plus 2 kids SYD - LAX VA1/VA2 return ticket. Saver over and flexi back. Before purchasing, searched award availability. Purchased the tix and contacted the call centre straight away to book the upgrade LAX - SYD x 3 in P/E using my points. ( Could not do it online...
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    Good Experience with VFF Call Centre

    I had an appointment in HBA and instead of flying direct I elected to go via MEL as I had already achieved Gold requirement of SC but not eligible sectors. Morning of the flight, the SYD - MEL is cancelled and I was put on the direct service SYD - HBA. Return was fine. End result I was left...
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    Fiji Airways - Charging AUD

    Not sure if I am doing something incorrect here but was looking for a cheap J fare NAN - LAX return. Always used to get charged in FJD. Website search engine is updated and now charge NAN - LAX - NAN in $AUD and not FJD. Not so favourable now....
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    New Offer to Buy 15% discount + Bonus ( Ends 13 July )

    I cannot believe how many promotions AA are running and have run since the merger. Now 15% off plus up to 27500 bonus miles Miles purchased Bonus miles + Discount 1,000 - 15,000 0 + 15% Off 16,000 - 30,000 5,000 + 15% Off 31,000 - 45,000 10,000 + 15% Off 46,000 - 60,000 15,000 + 15%...
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    Lounges to use

    Hi Guys I am leaving on my first and only USDM redemption to USA this week ADL/HKG/NRT on CX NRT-SAN on JAL YVR/NRT on JAL NRT/HKG/BNE on CX Just wondering on one world lounges that you enjoy most or any tips that would help. I have actually never been to HKG / NRT or YVR Thanks for any info