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  1. blu

    RTW Award?

    Is there a Velocity RTW award or one similar to the QF OW award (J 280k)?
  2. blu

    Scheduling Aps - equipment changes?

    Do any of the scheduling aps advise when an aircraft substitution happens? We paid for advanced seat selection (codeshared BA J 789) only to find a few weeks later an aircraft substitution happened & our 'good seats' were not so good. Obviously happens but is there an alert?
  3. blu

    744 Four Class Config - Japan

    It appears we are booked onto the old 4 class 744 in premium economy for one sector (14F,52J,32Y+,255Y). The seat map in MMB allows access to the 32 seats in the Y+ cabin (4x 2-4-2). There used to be a lengthy thread on 4 class config flying as 3 class from Narita (QF21 QF22) but I can't...
  4. blu

    Qatar - 5 Day Sale from 2 Nov (could be 2 for 1).

    "Double the Luxury With our 5-day Global Sale, you can enjoy great savings to more than 150 destinations worldwide. Book by 6th November 2015 for travel between 15th January and 30th June 2016. Seats with discounted fares are limited." Double the Luxury (fares may not be...
  5. blu

    Format when providing mobile number

    In order to receive a boarding pass to an AUS mobile with Global Roaming, from UK (or possibly Ireland):- when I provide our mobile number in international format, (61 407xx_xx_) do I include a leading '+' character and do I need to preceed that with their country's dial out code?
  6. blu

    Why is Doha missing on QF Departure Cities

    ... but shown on Arrival Cities, when building an Itinerary. QF work experience error, or just my computer?
  7. blu

    Jetstar - 2 for 1 Sale to Japan

    "When you book 2 specially marked sale Starter fares together, you'll only pay for one! On sale until Mon 24 Nov 2014, unless sold out prior. Sale fares must be booked in a minimum of 2 passengers on the same flight." Various periods of travel from 17 Jan to October. Y under $1k for two pax...
  8. blu

    S/C's and Points for OW Partner bookings.

    We booked J sale fares direct on the QR website in December 2013, for travel in Oct 2014. Should sc's & points be earned at the pre-July 2014 rate? From my Activity Statement: HKG-DOH (3930 miles) 120 sc's + 2,940 points. DOH-LHR (3250 miles) 60 sc's + 2,445 points. Would this seem...
  9. blu

    Qatar's first A388 now at Doha

    First scheduled flight 10 October, after a 4 month delay. There's a good overview in Ausbt: Qatar A380 first business class seats bar cabins seatmap - Flights | hotels | frequent flyer | business class - Australian Business Traveller Doha Lounge: Photos: Qatar Airways opens new Al Mourjan...
  10. blu

    JQ 787 - 72Hr Sale to HNL (Y only) from $600 return

    Travel 3 Feb to 26 March. Book by 14 Sept. Cheap Flight Specials and Airfare Deals in Australia and Abroad | Jetstar Airlines Australia
  11. blu

    Qatar MEL-CDG

    Unfortunately, found this too late, as ceases 15 August, however: Economy $1,385 for travel 1 Oct - 26 Nov 2014. Business $6,390 for travel 22 Sept - 26 Nov 2014. Flight Deals | Qatar Airways Australia
  12. blu

    Narita QF21 - Zone A config

    Have had an unadvised a/c substitution for early 2015. Zone A seat map now has only 14 seats. Row 3 has 3x2 and there is no row 4. Is this a Refurb? (I thought Old First had only 14 seats too). Upper Deck row 16 is a two seat row (seems a good choice?). Exit row not available.
  13. blu

    The Qantas Big Trip Sale

    Travel: 6 October to 27 November 2014 Itinerary: Sydney - Dubai - London Heathrow - New York (JFK) (stopover) - Sydney. Link: The Qantas Big Trip Sale | Qantas
  14. blu

    LHR Bag Drop for QF2 J ?

    Does QF bag drop open 3 hours before flight, or may bags be dropped at anytime during the day (as with BA)? Is T3 BA Galleries best lounge choice?
  15. blu

    SC earn on Qatar J HKG-LHR

    I am having problems finding the SC earn for QR J HKG-DOH-LHR in Oct. Fares were booked directly on QR website (ie: no QF#). I think they earn at 1:1. Any guesstimates (or better) appreciated.
  16. blu

    787 Dreamliner to Narita

    I've been checking the 2015 Jan fares. The OOL-NRT 11:20am departure is shown as on Dreamliner. Has this been announced? edit: I thought there were East Coast storm & lightning risk problems with 787.
  17. blu

    Funds transfer to savings account?

    Effectively a "cash advance" direct to another bank account. Larger than the daily ATM cash limit. Does not look possible?
  18. blu

    Qatar New A380 DOH-LHR from 17 June

    Seat config for J is 1-2-1 same as their 787 (QR001). Press Release | Qatar Airways
  19. blu

    OOL Airport - any Hotel option?

    I usually hire a car and travel to Surfers, when we have an overnight stay for OOL. Is there anything closer than Jupiter's, that offers one night stays, that's not a motel or pub?
  20. blu

    How do I know if I am waitlisted?

    How do I know if Waitlisted for upgrade? I accidentally pressed the Upgrade button when checking a flight in MMB, then backed out of the next Upgrade screen. I have reprinted my Itinerary and cannot see that I have been waitlisted for an upgrade (that I do not want). Do you normally confirm the...