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  1. baldman

    Best way to store opened wine

    If you only need the wine to stay in good condition for say 10-14 days, then the most efficacious solution is to buy a can of winesave, sparge the bottle, and keep it upright in a cool - fridge, wine fridge, cellar etc - place. In general, wine preservation is a VERY complex subject as the...
  2. baldman

    Credit Card companies reducing annual fees due to Covid-19 ?

    Afternoon all. Just paid annual fee last month for my amex plat charge card and with all the travel restrictions in place, can't see how I'll get anything like the usual value out of it. I'm thinking of ringing and asking for a partial $$$ credit to my account. Anybody have any knowledge of...
  3. baldman

    Anybody savvy about current Costco wine deals and / or selection ?

    Afternoon all ! Anyone have any tips/info on current Costco wine deals? I'm primarily interested in any quality imports they have at the moment. Last time I went through their range was about twelve months ago and the selection - at the Moorabbin Vic store - was mundane and a number of their...
  4. baldman

    Is it worth paying for "VIP" customs and immigration clearance at HKT ?

    Hoping some learned fellow members can assist with this; We are flying SQ Biz class into HKT late afternoon on December 29th. Will SQ issue us with any "priority" C & I clearance "vouchers", and if not, should we expect the wait time at immigration to be lengthy. I have just checked the...
  5. baldman

    No more card retention teams ?

    Morning all ! I rang Westpac yesterday to discuss a waiver / reduction of the annual fee for my altitude black MasterCard. The CSO told me that they were no longer permitted to offer inducements to cardholders to maintain their existing card. They were only permitted to offer cardholders the...
  6. baldman

    Using UA Miles especially on SQ : Is there a paid expert service?

    Good morning all :lol: I have miles in United that I want to use for travel next year, ideally on SQ. Is there a "paid service" that one can use to plan and make the necessary bookings? Any and all recommendations greatly appreciated. baldman
  7. baldman

    Any Current Points Transfer Bonus Offers?

    Hi All, I have points in amex rewards and need to book some local reward flights and am tossing up between QF and VA. Would help make up my mind if one of them had a bonus offer on :-)) I was pretty sure I'd seen something recently with the Velocity program offering a bonus but darned if I can...
  8. baldman

    Is there a paid Concierge service available for using points

    Hi, Apologies in advance if this has been or should be, discussed in another part of the board. I have 200K miles in SG and about the same in United and I was thinking of somehow trying to use the miles jointly for travel by two adults and one 2 year old (ticket required). I don't have the...
  9. baldman

    Mileage Plus Changes - when did they happen

    Hi Guys & Gals, I logged into my mileage plus account to check on seat award availability and discovered that business class award tickets between Aus & US are now 150,000 miles. In June 04 I secured three tickets for 270,000 (90,000 each), so no doubt the rules have changed, I just had no...