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  1. Va Bene

    What have Qantas done with QF25/26

    Looking at some forward bookings in June and beyond, noticed that QF25/QF26 is no longer a MEL/AKL/LAX and is being replaced by a Jetconnect service to Auckland only. QF25 is showing at dep Melb @ 06:00. There is also another (third) Jetconnect service at 16:10. First 2 flights on 737-400 with...
  2. Va Bene

    Ow Circle Asia - South East

    I'm looking at travelling to KUL, BKK, MNL and possibly SIN for business over a week in mid April. Thanks to some previous threads, there is some info on Oneworld Circle Asia fares and in particular a DAS13 fare. It is likely that this will be in Y although J could be a goer. My questions are...
  3. Va Bene

    Chaser's Open Mic At Syd Airport

    For those who missed it last night. Julian Morrow's announcements over the QF PA at Syd T3 YouTube - Chaser Preview: 14/11/07- Open Mic at Sydney Airport
  4. Va Bene

    Saudi Prince buys his own A380

    If you don't like airline meals, poor seat pitch, annoying fellow passengers, no CSM welcomes, stroppy flight attendants or if your 747-400 is a bit passe then you could always buy your personal A380. You probably just need a big garage. Fuel costs certainly wouldn't be an issue for this guy...
  5. Va Bene

    Chinese made jet

    Found an interesting (IMO) article in recent edition (22/10) of Time mag on China making a regional jet. I couldn't imagine an online bidding war for the seats on the first commercial flight. Maybe you get paid to be on it. China's Aircraft Industry Gets Off the Ground - TIME Dubbed the...
  6. Va Bene

    China Airlines Marketing Initiative

    There are times when marketing your company name and logo is important and there are times when the reverse it true. China Airlines painted over its logo on the charred remains of a burnt-out plane as investigators Wednesday sifted through the debris to find out why the jet blew up moments...
  7. Va Bene

    LHR to LGW Transfer Time

    Does anyone have some experience in the time it takes to get through Heathrow customs (in late Sept) then to Gatwick and the best method? QF29 arrives at 13:30 (if on time) and we were looking at a flight from LGW at 17:40. If this is too risky, we will take one the next morning. Thanks.
  8. Va Bene

    Double Booking With Qf

    I originally booked 4 award Y flights from MEL-LHR return for Sept/Oct school holidays with QF. Did this on the first day they became available and paid all the taxes ($1600). I work for a European based company and they have postponed a mid year conference to the middle of Sept. I have now...
  9. Va Bene

    Bored Police At Tullamarine

    Notice an article earlier in the week in the Age about bored police at Tullamarine. VICTORIAN police stationed at Melbourne Airport say they are bored and disillusioned, and airport security is compromised by poor communications networks. About 50 state police work under the command of the...
  10. Va Bene

    Bangkok To Shanghai

    Based on some positive comments by Serfty, I'm looking at booking a Starclass MEL-BKK (also QF Y is full) for a business trip . The travel agent has provided a draft itinerary with BKK to PVG with China Eastern and then PVG-MEL (via SYD) on QF130 after a few days in Shanghai. I have done some...
  11. Va Bene

    International Lounge Access With Family

    I'm travelling overseas with the family in 2007 (wife and 2 kids 12&9 y.o.) in Qantas Economy and was wondering if the 4 of us could all get access to lounges in Hong Kong (CX or QC), Heathrow, Gatwick and Rome as a QFPlat/OW Emerald. The rules all say one guest although shouldn't be a problem...
  12. Va Bene

    Qantas Flying To Rome?

    I thought I read that Qantas are looking at resuming flights to Rome and probably only out of Sydney. I'm probably dreaming given that they only fly to 2 European destinations nowadays. Planning on an awards flight next year and too difficult to get HK to Rome leg with Cathay. Not keen on going...