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    Centurion annual fee

    Going back to my original point I am happy with the benefits in a " normal" year when I travel extensively but next year will be different, how can Amex justify a $5,000 fee for a card with fewer than normal benefits?
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    Centurion annual fee

    I am an elderly woman. I am looking for tangible benefits not bling. Most years I make full use of the Shangri-La Diamond status, the Hilton Diamond status, the St Regis US $200 extra benefit, the Avis and Hertz upgrades, the travel insurance. I have no interest in people looking at me " in awe".
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    Centurion annual fee

    I was in London and wasn't told of the shopping bonus. In fairness they have taken the $700 off my statement but are not budging on the annual fee. Given we are not likely to be able to use travel insurance and travel benefits next year it seems an excessive amount to pay.
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    Centurion annual fee

    Has anyone received a discount on the annual fee, or any other sweetener , given the current situation and the likely reduction of benefits next year?
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    Centurion travel insurance

    I have been given the run around by various people at ACE insurance regarding a very simple question. I want to purchase "top up" insurance to cover me for a trip lasting more than 180 days. Despite numerous phone calls and emails, some people at ACE say I can, some say I can't. Would anyone...
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    2015 Amex Centurion Benefits

    I have a question re the Peninsula FHR benefits. If I book a room for 2 nights using my card I will receive the extra US 200 dollars benefit. If I then book another 2 nights using my spouse's supplementary card ( different surname) will I receive another 200 dollar benefit, or will it be...
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    2014 Centurion Benefits

    Well, I'm in terminal 5 at LHR and Centurion gave me fast track through security. Worth the annual fee, I don't think so. Does anyone know if the Mandarin Oriental benefits have gone? If so, what's left.
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    New Centurion Annual Fee, Joining Fee and Points Earning Structure

    Just tried to book the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Bangkok for 2 nights in October. Was told by " executive" that the free night for paid night deal is only valid until the end of September. Is this true?