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  1. chrisb

    Medical X-rays in luggage and TSA screening

    Has anyone carried medical X-rays in luggage? We have some and we are trying to work out if that is why the TSA keep searching that one bag on every flight. Does anyone know what exposed medical X-rays look like when they're xrayed? I may be over thinking this. :)
  2. chrisb

    Do you do anything to prepare for a plane crash?

    Is there anything in your routine that you do in case of plane crash? I keep my shoes on for takeoff and landing, that's the only thing really. My phone is usually in my pocket because I use it in flight and after landing, as is my wallet. 99% of the time my passport would be in the overhead...
  3. chrisb

    Tablets as cameras

    Why do so many people use huge tablets as their camera! These people are tourists on holiday but I see so many people using iPads to take photos. Why do people even have their ipad at places like universal studios? Below is an example of 4 people at a famous US memorial. They were on a tour so...
  4. chrisb

    What do I need to know about driving in the USA.

    Soon I'll be driving in the USA for the first time - what do I need to know? So far - - drive on the wrong side. :) - most(?) places have turn right on red. Is this everywhere (except where signed)? - when pulled over, do not get out. - by default rentals have no insurance. I've got that...
  5. chrisb

    What's the longest time you've spent in an Airport or Airport lounge

    So I was wondering - by choice or circumstances, what's the longest you've spent in an airport or airport lounge? I started thinking about the QP and "same day access" and how you could abuse it by showing up at 5am for a 11.55pm flight and this question extended from that. I don't have any...
  6. chrisb

    US Government cut backs kick in for travellers.

    Customs & Border Protection are starting cutbacks. Furloughs bite for customs workers -
  7. chrisb

    Hertz Points

    What's the best thing to do with Hertz bookings and loyalty programs? Currently I have a QFF number in there but it doesn't seem to do much. I have a bunch of personal rentals coming up so I should probably fix it. QFF is priority, then VA, but a free day or two of car hire could be amusing too.
  8. chrisb

    Is there anyone who has never flown Economy Class

    Is there anyone in here who has never flown Economy class? I'm happy to put some extensions to the question - Haven't flown Economy on a route where a higher class is available. Haven't flown Economy in the past 15 years. (Things were different back then sonny!) Haven't flown Economy long...
  9. chrisb

    Luggage confirmation QF and EI

    I have the following booking in Y PER-SIN-LHR-SNN(EI) 23kg Stop SNN-LHR(EI) 20kg Stop LHR-SIN-PER 23kg It's all on one ticket. The weights shown are whats on QF view Booking. Is that 20kg correct for the SNN LHR flight on EI or does the fact it's on this single ticket override EIs lower...
  10. chrisb

    QF OLCI connecting to Aer Lingus

    Does anyone know if I can use OLCI for a connection QF/QF/EI? The qantas info page just has a vague comment about select international partners. If I can't, will it still let me OLCI for the two QF sectors?
  11. chrisb

    Unusual travel related tax deductions

    A few years ago my accountant said I couldn't deduct cat boarding costs incurred because I had to travel for work. I disagreed with him but never pressed it because its only come up once. (The cat has two staff now) What weird things do you deduct as work related travel expenses? :)
  12. chrisb

    Upgrade success J to F as non platinum

    I'm wondering what people's success rates are from J to F as silver or gold QFF. I'm assuming its low, with the odds of being stuck behind a bunch of WPs also trying to get into F. As a silver I've had good luck going from Y or Y+ to J but I assume that J has a higher ratio of higher status pax.
  13. chrisb

    Hotels not replacing breakfast cards

    I've now encountered three different hotels who have repeatedly failed to replace the room service breakfast order card. WTF! Breakfast has to be easy money for them but it seems they just don't want it. I want my $8 toast! :) Yes, first world problems. :)
  14. chrisb

    Paying off the card at Woolworths

    I understand you can make payments to the Mastercard at Woolworths over the counter - Do these immediately reflect on the card balance or is there a delay? Thanks.
  15. chrisb

    Websites for tracking premium airline sales

    Are there websites or email lists that track airline sales that apply to flights out of Australia? I'm particularly interested in the rare premium class sales. Thanks.
  16. chrisb

    London hotel recommendation.

    Hi, I'm looking to book a hotel in London for December. I don't know much about London geography so I'm looking for suggestions. 4 star plus preferred, located somewhere central - I like to be able to wander out of hotels for a walk or feed. Close to the tube. Also, we'll be catching the...
  17. chrisb

    Variations in 'safety' requirements between airlines

    I've noticed a few variations between airlines and I'm wondering what else people have noticed - - AA had no problem with bags under the seat in front for exit row pax. - Virgin has a serious armrests must be down during takeoff and landing policy that I haven't seen elsewhere. - Singapore...
  18. chrisb

    I love flying, but dread flying economy.

    Posted from a window seat in row 54 of 57 in a 3-3-3 seating aircraft. 5 hours, 10mins. Btw who decided air vents weren't needed anymore. It's hot back here.
  19. chrisb

    Simple things that make a hotel great

    I'm In a hotel at the moment that advertises free Internet, free minibar and free nespresso. All good things. But what impressed me is that they have used universal power outlets by the bed and desk. This shows someone put some thought into what travelers need. what else have people noticed...
  20. chrisb

    VA Codeshare on SQ

    Can someone confirm that a VA coded flight on SQ gets the VA "Long haul" baggage allowance? (ie: 23Kg, plus 15Kg for Gold) It's a little odd since Indonesia/Thailand seem to be classed as short haul flights and hence we'd need to buy luggage. (And if we were an SQ customer, it'd be 20Kg not...