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    Qantas Status Extension - Ambiguously worded text

    Hi All, My Status is due to end end of July (today), As you know, Qantas will extend your status for a further 12 months if you create a booking before status expiry for travel until 31st DEC 2021. I booked a flight today to extend my status for a further 12 months. THEN, I looked at the...
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    Qantas Status Extension --> Question

    Evening everybody. Question: I am QFF Gold with an expiry date at end of July. From memory, reading the Qantas status extension that was announced in November last year, they said that all you need to do is to book a QF flight before the end of your anniversary. My question is, do I have to...
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    Questions.....QLD Border + QF SC Rollover

    Hi All, Hope everybody has had an enjoyable weekend. I have the following 2 questions and would be appreciative if anyone could take the time to reply :) I understand that the content of these 2 questions has been discussed somewhere within the AFF community, as such I apologize in advance if...
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    Question regarding QF credit expiry

    Good evening all. A question on behalf of my mother. She cancelled her return booking for a trip to the USA next week. She cancelled the booking before April 30th and opted for a flight credit, which I believe expires on 31 Dec 2021. She told me tonight that she won't travel overseas unless...
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    Change flight and pay $99 change fee or cancel for voucher and rebook?

    Hey guys, I have an interesting conundrum here. I am currently in Port Douglas and am scheduled to fly back to MEL on Fri (QF703.) I would really love to stay for another few days and I am strongly considering staying another 2 days. My flight back is a Red-E-Deal worth $199 and evidently...
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    Damaged Suitcase on Qantas Domestic leg - Worth the $200 Excess for claim?

    Hi All, I have read a few other older posts on this but no direct comparison. I was travelling SYD-MEL with Qantas exactly 1 week ago. This leg was the final one of my MEL-SYD-AKL-SYD-MEL trip (All with QF.) I have a Samsonite suitcase (have been to the website and can't seem to find exactly...
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    QF 90 Minute Check in cutoff Intl

    Hey all. I'm in AKL. Flight is at 1410 and I am flying J, which means quick check in and breeze thru security and immigration. Do they really close the check in at AKL 90 mins before 1410 IE 1240? Thanks
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    Contact Centre Madness = Unnacceptable

    Hope you are all having a great day! I have just contacted the QF call centre, (Called the number on the back of my QF Gold Card) regarding international travel on Thursday and have just been advised of a 42 mins - 1H 5 mins wait time. This normally sucks but you can request a callback. There...
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    Looking for 35m^2 + serviced apartment type hotel in AKL 27/1 - 1/3

    Hi Everybody, I require laundry facilities, (In room is a super bonus including washing machine connected to a hot water tap AND dryer) My Budget is $750 +- $100 AUD MAX for 3 nights. I usually do all my bookings relatively last minute on Agoda. I have found some overwhelmingly amazing deals...
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    Anyone flown PE on QF A380 Refurbed birds?

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone flown on the refurbed A380s and more specifically, has anyone been seated in 31A/B/J/K. I know these seats don't have the great extra legroom feature as 24A/B/J/K (which in 12 months time will be phased out,) but according to, Row 31 is...
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    Another Status Credits Question

    Hey all, In 2018 I went on a family trip to europe. I flew QF MEL-LHR PE sale = (140 sc's at the time.... 60 from MEL-SIN and 80 SIN-LHR) My first destination, however, was Berlin (TXL) So as soon as I got off the plane at LHR, I hopped on a BA flight to Berlin (TXL) in which I earned 20...
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    Status Credits calculator question

    Hey guys, Am in the very early planning stages of a Europe trip possibly beginning may next year. Am contemplating visiting TLV. I went to the BA site and saw approx $1k AUD LHR-TLV-LHR flying PE, On the QF SC and Points Calculator i typed in LHR-TLV (BA is only OW Carrier that does this route)...
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    How likely are Qantas to change Selected Seating?

    Hey guys and gals, Bit of a conundrum here, and I suspect this isn't going to work in my favour. Besides travelling to my end destination (Boston,) I need to ensure a few things are correct before I book the last sector. In June/July next year I will be travelling mel-syd SYD-LAX LAX-JFK...
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    Qantas "Fly to Sydney and receive 50% more Status Credits" promotion

    Yesterday I received an email from [email protected] with the title "Fly to Sydney, get 50% more Status Credits" I have a few questions as I have never participated in a bonus SC promotion before. 1. I was looking at the "12 Days of Christmas Sale" SYD-AKL return for less than...
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    Need to change upcoming CNS-BNE-MEL leg due to imminent surgery

    Hello all, hope you are all doing well, I have had a trip to Port Douglas planned for some time (Dep Tues 29/10) and (return Friday 8/11,) All flights are QF. Unfortunately, I have just been diagnosed with Melanoma and need to be admitted to hospital on Sat 9th Nov for surgery to remove the...
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    CX Business lounge at MEL

    Hi all. Am flying to NZ in J on QF, am i eligible to enter this lounge? What's it like?
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    Secret Hotel deals on 4-5 star hotels?

    Hey guys, I will be heading to AKL midweek. I have not yet booked accommodation. Past few trips I've been on I have either found cheap lodging due to off-peak or have lodged with family. I remember when I used to work in Canberra around 2010, there was a link via and a similar...
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    Question Regarding lounge use in Melbourne (Intl) and Auckland (Intl)

    Hi all, I apologise if this has been covered but I have a had a poke around here and can't seem to find any concrete information. I am travelling Qantas this tuesday 30th April in Business class from Melbourne to Auckland, returning Friday 3rd May also flying Business class on Qantas. What...
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    QF flight cancellation resulting in less SC earning

    Hi all, I was due to fly out this morning on QF(I can't remember what)1130AM MEL-SYD (DE) 10 Status Credits and SYD-CNS (DE) 15 Status Credits I was informed literally an hour ago that MEL-SYD flight was cancelled and now as a result I have to catch QF614 at 11:10AM MEL-BNE and QF1754 BNE-CNS...
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    Fantastic QF experience today and other interesting Qantas facts

    Hey guys, Probably better things to talk about , and especially seeing that much of the content and comments towards QF are mostly neutral or slightly negative. I had a fantastic experience with Qantas today. I was heading back from a few days in Tweed Heads visiting family and had to return to...